Many machines to maintain


There are many types of machine within the plastic industry that need to be checked and aligned. On extrusion machines, straightness of pipes, shaft alignment and pointing direction of gearboxes towards pipes all need to be checked. On film blowing machines, centring and parallelism of rolls must be checked. Shaft alignment on pumps and engines must be performed. Fans and other sheave/pulleys aligned. Even the bases of all the machines must be checked regarding straightness/twist.

Advantages of correct alignment

  • Extends the life of screws
  • Extends the time between planned services
  • Reduces the amount of incorrectly produced products, i.e. total amount of granules used
  • Increases available machine time
  • Can increase the production speed for certain processes

Adapting to the job

If you regularly work with machine alignment, where the task at hand is always different, then you are used to not knowing the circumstances until you are onsite. Surprises are an everyday occurrence, an adaptable measuring system is a saving grace!

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Maybe you have other measurement and alignment problems to be solved.It is very likely that we already have run into them!Don’t hesitate to contact us for a discussion about a solution.


The more you understand about measurement technology, the more use you will get out of your measurement system in your daily work. Attend one of our training classes now!

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On this page you can find all available Easy-Laser® product manuals in pdf format. You can also find Application Guides here.

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