How to increase efficiency and stay safe in the sawmill

Working in a sawmill can be very dangerous as the equipment poses numerous hazards. It is therefore important to make sure that shaftings, bearings and machines are in proper alignment at all times.

Properly aligned machines keep woodworking employees safe

The woodworking operations of a sawmill can be hazardous with massive weights and falling, rolling or sliding logs, particularly when machines are used improperly. By setting up the machines correctly it is possible to maintain a high rate of production and at the same time reduce the risk of accidents.

Helps sawmills make the optimal use of their machines

Easy-Laser® E980 is a laser-based measurement and alignment system that measures straightness, flatness, and squareness. The system is easy to use for maintenance and production staff and can be used equally well for circular saws and band saws.

Alignment of sawmill equipment

Measuring and adjustment of saw equipment

Easy-Laser ® E980 makes it easier for the technician to measure and then adjust reducers, counterholds, saw blades and discs to achieve the best operating condition of the machine. The laser line works as an absolutely straight ruler for 40 meters and is very practical for the demanding and dusty environment of a sawmill. It replaces the long wire used traditionally, and gives many more possibilities for aligning the saw equipment.

Thanks to the user-friendliness of a laser measurement system, the alignment work can be properly done when necessary. The investment is quickly returned through fewer production stoppages, more even quality in the sawn timber and safer woodworking employees.

Benefits of using Easy-Laser® E980

  • Higher production speed

  • Less unplanned downtime

  • Better product quality

  • Longer lifetime for blades

  • Longer lifetime for bearings

  • Less vibration

  • Less waste material

  • Safer woodworking employees


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