Quick and accurate roll changes with revolutionary new measuring system

Easy-Laser® E975 Roll alignment is a revolutionary new system for fast replacement and alignment of rolls in, for example, printing presses, paper machines and converting machines.

Take advantage of short downtimes

Thanks to the fact that the system is quick to set up on the machine it can be used during short stoppages to check and if necessary adjust or replace a roll. Where more advanced methods might require that the measuring service is booked some time in advance and use contracted personnel, with Easy-Laser® E975 you can do the job yourself. And other methods such as measurement with prisms along the machine often take significantly longer to prepare. You quite simply have better control over your machine time and increase productivity using Easy-Laser® E975!

Easier and more reliable measurement method

The system consists of a laser transmitter, a display unit with guiding software and a compact and neat detector unit positioned on the roll. No stand is used to the side of the machine, which eliminates the risk of the reference (laser beam) being moved accidentally. No consideration need be taken of any machine protection and frames on the side of the machine, since the laser transmitter is positioned on the inside of the roll package. 
The system's display unit produces a PDF report directly on site. The result can also be transferred to PC.

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