Complete system for measurement and alignment of machine tools

Easy-Laser® E940 Machine tool system is the market’s most complete measurement system for measuring and aligning machine tools. You can measure straightness, flatness, squareness, spindle pointing direction, level and much more.
The transmitter's laser beam can be compared to an absolutely straight and weightless ruler, that is to say a perfect starting point for precision measurement. The measurement programs guide the user step-by-step through the measurement process* with clear graphics and instructions on the large 5.7” colour display. It is also possible to use the measurement values directly and measure and adjust as required.

Measures all kind of machine tools

The system can handle most tasks in this field, despite the fact that there is considerable variation in machine design: different types of lathe, milling machines, automatic drills, presses, water cutting machines etc. Some examples of what you can check:

  • Straightness of machine axis 
  • Spindle direction 
  • Spindle to spindle/tail stock 
  • Squareness between machine axis
  • Flatness on machine table or machine bed
  • Bearing play check
  • Bearing condition (g)

A laser system is a profitable investment

Compared to conventional methods, such as dial gauges, mandrels and stones, work can be carried out much more quickly using a laser measurement system. And don't forget, the measurement result can be documented and compared to ISO10791-1 and 10791-2 used for machine tools. There are lots of good reasons for investing in a laser system. One is that, because it is so quick to set up, the operator can check a machine much more often - if there has been an accidental collision in the machine for example. Then compare with the machine documentation to see if everything is ok before continuing production. This can prevent costly production of parts that are out of tolerance. It can also extend the life of the tools. 

0.0001 mm HyperPSD™ resolution

With Easy-Laser® E940, the user can perform almost any kind of measurement thanks to the very versatile design of the D26 laser transmitter, the measuring units and brackets. For example, the measuring unit can also act as a compact and light-weight laser transmitter. Mounted on the cleverly designed spindle bracket it can even point the laser through the clamping pin, through the spindle. The measuring units delivered with this system have our new HyperPSD™ precision detectors, making it possible to display a resolution of 0.0001 mm [0.000005”/0.005 mils].

  • Light and easy-to-use equipment = shorter time for preparations and measurements
  • Possible to measure and align at long distances = greater accuracy
  • Possible to measure both X and Y (Z) directions at the same time = saves time
  • The reference (laser beam) is always 100% straight
  • Possible to document the measurement results as PDF and transfer to a PC
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The key to a quick and reliable measurement are programs that guide you through the measurement process. The Easy-Laser® systems support you with smart functions and a clear user interface. Still, it is not our products that do the job, but you as a professional technician!


For measurement of squareness in machines and installations.


For measurement of the pointing direction of machine spindles in machine tools, drilling machines, etc.


This program shows centre offset and angular error between two shafts, for example. The values are displayed for both horizontal and vertical direction simultaneously. Can also be used for dynamic measurements.


With our program for measuring straightness, you can easily measure long shafts, rolls, bearings, bases, machine structures etc. All you have to do is define a number of measuring points, in advance or while measuring. You will be able to get the result for both the horizontal and vertical alignment, graphically as well as digitally. 


Program to measure flatness/twist of (for example) machine bases, machine tables, etc. With advanced "best-fit" calculations.


The Values program has a clear digital representation of the laser target, and a list view for recorded values. Use it to measure as with dial gauges and to check bearing play or shaft load. Can also be used to perform many types of geometric measurements.


For parallelism measurement of rolls, rails, overhead tracks, gantries, metal sheet cutters, production lines, etc. Two methods are available: measurement with Angular prism or with Angle detector E2.

CENTRE-OF-CIRCLE, Straightness 2-point

Used for straightness measurement of bearing journals when the bore diameter varies. For example, diesel engines, propeller shaft installations, etc. With advanced "best-fit" calculations.

HALF CIRCLE, Straightness 3-point

Readings taken in three positions: 9, 6 and 3. Allows varying diameters. To be used together with the turbine system. With advanced "best-fit" calculations.


Used for straightness measurement of bearing journals. Measures two points in each direction, X and Y. Can handle up to 999 measurement points with two zero points. With advanced "best-fit" calculations.


Used for straightness measurement of bearing journals. The number of measurement positions are theoretically unlimited for each measurement point. Can handle up to 999 measurement points with two zero points. With advanced "best-fit" calculations.


For ovality measurements of bore and bearing journals. The number of measurement positions are theoretically unlimited for each bore.


For flatness measurement of flanges and circular planes, slewing ring bearings and tower flanges for example. Can handle 1 to 5 circles, 3-180 measurement points on each. Three zero points at 120° pitch are computed by the system.


For parallelism measurement of flanges on for example wind tower sections. With advanced "best-fit" calculations.


An advanced electronic filter function can be used to achieve reliable results even under poor measuring conditions. Air turbulence and vibrations from adjacent machines are no match for the Easy-Laser® filter function!


Horizontally mounted machines often consist of a pump and a motor, but can also include other types of machines such as gearboxes and compressors. Regardless of the machine type, it is easy to measure and align with Easy-Laser®. The measuring units (M and S) are easily mounted on each side of the coupling and communicate with the display unit wireless. Then follow the step-by-step instructions on screen.


This program is used for alignment of vertical and flange-mounted machines, e.g. pumps, motors, gear boxes. Shows centre offset, angular error and shim value at each bolt.

Machine Train

Regardless of what machines you have and in which order they were assembled, you can build your own machine train with theoretically as many machines as you like. You can pick the reference machine manually, or let the program choose one that will minimize the need for adjustments. 


Alignment of cardan/offset mounted machines. (Accessory Cardan fixture, Part No. 12-0615 is required.)


The EasyTurn™ function allows you to begin the measurement process from anywhere on the turn. You can turn the shaft to any three positions with as little as 20° between each position to register the measurement values. Voila! Measurement is complete!


Alignment work begins with a soft foot check. The soft foot check ensures that the machine is resting evenly on all its feet by indicating which foot/feet should be adjusted. This is an important part of securing a reliable alignment. After the soft foot check is complete, you can go directly to the alignment program with all of the machine’s distance values saved.

Result table

The result table shows how well your readings repeat and lets you save comments for each one.


Using the system you can align sheaves and pulleys with digital precision. Adjustment of the machines is displayed in real time on the screen, with readings for angle and axial displacement in both the vertical and horizontal axes, as well as an adjustment value for the front or rear foot pair. The result can be documented as normal. (Requires the XT190 BTA accessory.)

Document your data

Connect to you computer

The display unit is connected to the computer via the USB port. It then appears on the desktop as a USB Mass Storage Device from which you can easily transfer files.


With the EasyLink™ database program you can save and organise all your measurements in one place, produce reports with both data and images and export to your maintenance systems. You can customise what your Excel reports should look like and what data should be visible and where it should be positioned. The program has a clear folder structure, where you drag and drop files from the display unit to the database. Create your own structure with folders for manufacturer, department or machine type for example. The database can also be located on a common server and shared with other users. For extra safety you can use EasyLink™ to make backups of what you have saved in the display unit.


Quickly print all measurement data locally with a thermal printer (accessory).


The barcode reader is used to enter the measurement object data automatically before measurement, which can save you time, and minimizes errors. Barcode reader is an accessory.


When measurement is complete it is possible to generate a PDF report containing graphs and measurement data directly in the measurement system’s display unit. All the information about the measurement object is documented, and you can add your company’s logo and address details if you so wish.


Save all measurements in the display unit’s internal memory. 


Save desired measurements on your USB memory. This enables you to take it to your computer to print reports whilst leaving the measurement system in place.


technical data  

Technical Data

Display Unit

Part No.
Type of display/size
VGA 5.7” colour screen, backlit LED
Displayed resolution
0.001 mm / 0.05 thou
Power management
Endurio™ system for unbroken power supply
Internal battery (fixed)
Heavy duty Li Ion chargeable
Battery compartment
For 4 x R14 (C)
USB A, USB B, Easy-Laser® units, Charger
Operating temperature
-10–50 °C
BT wireless technology
Internal memory
>100 000 measurements can be saved
Help functions
Calculator, Unit converter
Environmental protection
IP class 65
Housing material
WxHxD: 250x175x63 mm [9.8”x6.9”x2.5”]
Weight (without batteries)
1080 g [2.4 lbs]

Measuring Units

EMH / ESH with HyperPSD™
Part No.
12-0790 / 12-0789
Wireless unit 12-0436 (separate item)
Cable connection
Easy-Laser® "red cable"
Type of detector
2-axis PSD 20x20 mm [0.78" sq]
0.0001 mm [0.005 mils]
Measurement accuracy
<1% +1 digit
Measurement range
Up to 20 m [66']
Type of laser
Diode laser
Laser wavelength
635–670 nm
Laser class
Safety class 2
Laser output
<1 mW
Electronic inclinometer
0.1° resolution
Thermal sensors
± 1° C accuracy
Environmental protection
IP class 66 and 67
Temparature Range
-10–50 °C
Internal battery
Li Po
Housing material
Anodized aluminium/ABS plastics
WxHxD: 60x60x42 mm [2.36x2.36x1.65"]
202 g [7.1 oz]

Wireless Unit

Wireless unit for E7, E5, E4, ES, EM, ESH, EMH
Part No.
BT wireless technology
Temparature Range
-10–50 °C
Environmental protection
IP class 66 and 67
Housing material
WxHxD: 53x32x24 mm [2.1"x1.2"x0.9"]
25 g [0.9 oz]


You can find product brochures and manuals in pdf format here. They contain further information about our products. For software, see Lifecycle support > Software download.


E9xx Geometric Manual
Machine Tools Guide


Product Catalogue rev. 19
E940 brochure
Product Overview
system parts  


The display unit for the E series enables you to work more efficiently and for longer than ever before thanks to several innovative solutions. It is also ergonomically designed with easy-to-grip rubber cladding and robust construction.


The display unit is equipped with our Endurio™ Power management system. This ensures that you never have to stop in the middle of a measurement because the battery has run out.


The display unit has a thin, easy-to-grip and rubber coated profile that ensures a secure grip. It has large well-spaced buttons that give clear feedback when pushed. In addition, the two Enter buttons make the system suitable for both right and left-handed users. The display screen has clear graphics that guide you through the measurement process.


You can create a user profile where you can save your personal settings. You can also have different settings for different types of measurements. It makes work faster!


You can choose the language that you want to appear on screen. English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese are available. 


If you wish to expand functionality in the future, the software in the display unit can be upgraded via the internet or by connecting a USB memory containing the new software. In this way you will also have access to the measurement programmes that we develop for new purposes in the future.

image description
  1. Two Enter buttons, for left and right-handed users
  2. Large, easy to read 5.7” colour display
  3. Proper buttons for clear feedback
  4. Thin profile gives a perfect grip for your hands
image description
  1. Mounting for shoulder strap
  2. The integrated battery compartment design gives the correct angle on the display screen 
  3. Connection for charger
  4. USB A
  5. USB B
  6. Easy-Laser® measurement equipment
  7. Robust, rubber coated design

Note: Dust and splash guards for connectors that are not used when measuring


Laser diode and PSD detector in one compact housing. In system E940 these units have got the HyperPSD™ technology. This makes it possible to display a resolution of 0.0001 mm [0.000005"/0.005 mils]. The units have 2-axis PSD which reads the position in two directions at the same time.

For alignment of two to each other pointing shafts both units, EMH and ESH, are used.

The EMH-unit is used as detector when measuring with a separate laser transmitters, but then without turning the laser on. Most common is to mount the unit on a magnet base (see D to the right).

The ESH-unit can act as a laser transmitter (see E), and together with the spindle bracket be used for measurement of pointing direction. The laser beam can be pointed through the clamping pin (F), making it possible to align bar feeders for example.

The unit for wireless communication is compact and makes the measurement work easier than using cables, especially when rotating the units in the spindle.

The measuring units conform with IP class 66 and 67.

image description
  1. Bluetooth® unit
  2. Laser aperture
  3. PSD
  4. Magnet base
image description
  1. Bracket for mounting of the S-­unit in a spindle
image description
  1. S-­unit turned to point laser through pin


For installation, setting up and maintenance of precision machines, leveling of machine tables, rolls, etc – basically anything you can think of! Built-in rechargeable battery. OLED display with digital and graphical representation of angles. Connects wirelessly to display unit E51 for more functionality. Resolution 0.01 mm/m (0.001°). Measurement range ± 2 mm/m. 

image description
  1. OLED Display
  2. Mounting holes (x2)
image description
  1. Precision prismatic base of hardened steel 


Laser transmitter D26 can be used to measure flatness, straightness, squareness, level and parallelism. The laser beam can sweep 360° with a measurement distance of up to 40 metres [130´] in radius. The laser beam can be angled 90° to the sweep, within 0.01 mm/m [0.01 mils/inch].

The transmitter has many mounting options. Attach it with the three magnetic feet, horizontally or vertically. Attach it with a pin in the spindle. Or put it beside the machine on for example a tripod (optional). 

image description
  1. Laser aperture
  2. Swivelling head
  3. Laser aperture
  4. Leveling screws (x2)
  5. Magnetic feet (x3)


For measuring spindle direction and straightness. Clamping pin diameter 20 mm. A clamping pin can also be fitted by the laser opening, for use when aligning bar feeders, for example. Measurement distance 20 metres [65´]. Can be used in a rotating spindle (max. 2000rpm).

image description
  1. Clamping pin
  2. Laser aperture


  • 1 Display unit E51 (with HyperPSD™ support)
  • 1 Laser transmitter D26 
  • 1 Measuring unit ESH (HyperPSD™)
  • 1 Measuring unit EMH (HyperPSD™)
  • 2 BT wireless units 
  • 2 Cable 2 m
  • 2 Cable 5 m, extension
  • 1 Machine spindle pin for D22
  • 2 Spindle bracket for measuring unit
  • 1 Magnet base
  • 1 Magnet base with turnable head
  • 2 Offset brackets 
  • 1 Rods (8x120 mm)
  • 1 Set of Rods 4x60 mm
  • 1 Safety strap for laser transmitter
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Machine Tools Guide
  • 1 Measuring tape 5 m
  • 1 USB memory stick with EasyLink™ software
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Battery charger (100–240 V AC)
  • 1 Hexagon wrench set
  • 1 Shoulder strap for Display unit
  • 1 Cleaning cloth for optics
  • 1 Carrying case​​

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The parts incorporated in your measurement and alignment system have all been developed with a view to a specific need or application. Generally speaking, however, there are four elements that always have to be included.Read more


Easy-Laser measurement systems are already extremely flexible in their standard form. By using clever accessories, you can adapt the systems for your own needs, now and in the future as your measurement requirements change. It is cost-effective.