Aquí podrá obtener información sobre las ferias y muestras a las que asistimos, así como otros acontecimientos donde puede encontrarnos a lo largo del año. Será la ocasión perfecta para conocer nuestros sistemas de medición y preguntarnos sobre su aplicación. No deje de visitar nuestros stands.

Acontecimientos de 2020

22-23 January – Euro Expo, Karlstad, Sweden (Easy-Laser) 
11-13 February - SEPEM Industries, Grenoble, France (with distributor dbVib)
12-13 February – Euro Expo, Uppsala, Sweden (Easy-Laser) 
12-13 February – Maintenance, Dortmund, Germany (Easy-Laser) 
26-28 February – Measure Tech, Makahuri Messe, Japan (with distributor Yamaguchi Sangyo)
15-17 April – M-Tech, Nagoya, Japan (with distributor Yamaguchi Sangyo)
4-7 May – The Reliability Conference, Seattle, WA, USA (with distributor Ludeca, Inc.)
12-14 May – SMART Automation, Vienna, Austria (with distributor Laaber GmbH)
14-16 June – EASA, Nashville, TN, USA (with distributor Ludeca, Inc.)
6-10 July – CubaIndustria, Cuba (with distributor Grupo CTT) 
26-27 August – Euro Expo, Eskilstuna, Sweden (Easy-Laser) 
8-11 September – SMM, Hamburg, Germany (Easy-Laser)
9-10 September – Euro Expo, Lund, Sweden (Easy-Laser) 
14-15 September – CBM CONNECT® Conference, Indianapolis, IN, USA (with distributor Ludeca, Inc.)
15-17 September – Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia, Houston, TX, USA (with distributor Ludeca, Inc.)
23-24 September – Euro Expo, Falun, Sweden (Easy-Laser) 
14-16 October – Exhibition for manufacturing, Fukuoka, Japan (with distributor Yamaguchi Sangyo)
19-22 October – SMRP Annual Conference, Columbus, OH, USA (with distributor Ludeca, Inc.)
4-5 November – Euro Expo, Kiruna, Sweden (Easy-Laser) 
18-19 November – Euro Expo, Örebro, Sweden (Easy-Laser) 
7-10 December – IMC-2020, Marco Island, FL, USA (with distributor Ludeca, Inc.)
7-12 December – JIMTOF, Tokyo, Japan (with distributor Yamaguchi Sangyo)

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