Easy-Laser new alignment partner for EMHA

Easy-Laser new alignment partner for EMHA

EMHA is a Dutch company specializing in measuring, maintaining, and optimizing machines and equipment in the marine and industrial sectors. They operate worldwide and offer 24/7 service to make propulsion systems and rotating machines operate more efficiently and sustainably.

With many years in the business, EMHA have great experience in alignment and have worked with various tools. About 1,5 years ago SPM Instrument BV, Easy-Laser partner in Benelux, and EMHA started a collaboration, making SPM their trusted hardware supplier for condition monitoring technology. About a year ago, they also set up a meeting to talk about the alignment equipment they use, and this led to that Easy-Laser is now a new alignment equipment supplier for EMHA. Earlier this fall, the first of several high-end XT770 shaft alignment systems was delivered.

We had a chat with Arjan Ipskamp, Technical Manager, and Raymond Scholtz, Business Unit Manager for Marine & Offshore at EMHA, about why they chose to work with Easy-Laser.

“As one of the largest service providers within marine, offshore and industry regarding geometrical alignment and shaft alignment, we must work with a product that is at the high end of the market. The new Easy-Laser XT platform gave us the last push towards Easy-Laser,” says Raymond Scholtz.

Positive user response

The EMHA engineers have now had the chance to use the system for a few months. And the feeling is positive.

“Our alignment engineers currently use the system mainly for shaft alignment and 2-axis straightness measurements. They appreciate that the system is user-friendly and meets the expectations we had. They also like the XT display unit with its graphic interface and features such as the built-in camera. We have been impressed with the battery life of the XT70 measuring units. And the fact that there are five different measurement methods for horizontal shaft alignment is a great feature,” Arjan Ipskamp says. “Now we look forward to the new features that Easy-Laser will develop over the coming years. As the toolbox grows, we will add the necessary accessories such as brackets, etc.”

Bram van Horen of SPM Instrument BV is very optimistic about the cooperation with EMHA. “With Easy-Laser as an alignment equipment supplier and SPM as sales partner, they now have a collaboration with two companies that think ahead and keep developing. As a result, they will always have the most advanced equipment available for the most challenging situations.”

And from Easy-Laser, we can only say: we are honored that EMHA, a big player in the Benelux alignment service market, has chosen to work with our equipment. We look forward to a long and successful collaboration!

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