Alignment gives maximum availability

The amount of applications and machine types within the process industry is enormous. The most common, however, is the alignment of rotating machines such as pumps, motors, compressors, blowers, separators, centrifuges, agitators, etc. Easy-Laser offers solutions for all levels of need and application types.

Alignment of rotating machines

For the alignment of rotating machines, shaft alignment systems such as Easy-Laser® XT440, XT660 and XT770 can be used. Which one you should choose depends on what type of machine you have, and how much control over the whole machine you should have. What separates Easy-Laser from other shaft alignment systems on the market is that it includes more than just features to align the rotating machine, for example you also get access to a straightness/twist program. The XT550 Ex/ATEX system is used in potentially explosive environments, read more about it on the page about explosive environments. A lot of machines have radial transmissions, i.e. belt drives of different kinds. This is where Easy-Laser® XT190 can be used, our belt alignment tool with digital display that allows alignment to the belt manufacturer's prescribed tolerances.

Shaft alignment for all kinds of machines

Rotating machines need to be aligned to work optimally during operation. One of the things that can differ is how the machines are mounted. Horizontally, vertically/flange mounted, multiple machines in a row (machine train), cardan-coupled machines; Easy-Laser has alignment programs for all types of machinery. In addition, there are a variety of program features that help you solve alignment tasks more easily. Here you can compare our XT series shaft alignment systems.

Machine train program in the XT Alignment app

Vibration checks

Easy-Laser® XT280 is an easy to use vibration analysis instrument that quickly diagnoses vibration level, imbalance, misalignment etc. in pumps, motors, bearings etc.  

Vibration measurement with XT280

Flatness of bases – a basic requirement

Installing a machine on a flat surface is an essential requirement in order for it to work as intended. It is therefore of benefit to you that our shaft alignment systems XT550, XT660 and XT770 come with software for twist measurement of bases, which can be used together with the standard measuring units. XT770 also has a program for ”basic flatness” where a separate sweep laser transmitter is used (XT20, accessory). With this you can ensure that the base is flat and level and that all footplates are level, flat and parallel. There are ISO standards to follow for this. Another option is to use the E290 digital precision level.

”Reliable machinery installation” is a term that includes everything that you should take into account to get the best out of a machine or plant, not least checking flatness. Read more about Reliable machinery installation on our blog.

Overcome problems of soft foot and dynamic forces

Soft foot is a term for different problems regarding the feet of the machine not being flush against the ground. There may be several reasons for this; a warped base, that the footplates are not plane parallel, incorrect shims, angled machine feet etc. Easy-Laser has software that gives you the option of checking the entire machine for soft foot, both at the motor and the pump. Learn more about soft foot.

Dynamic forces occur, for example in pipe systems when pumping fluids. These forces push the machine in an undesirable direction, which affects the alignment. The EasyTrend program enables you to register the measurement values over a long period of time, from start-up to operating mode, to see if such problems occur in your machine.

EasyTrend program in the XT Alignment app