No angle or correct angle

Installing machines horizontally levelled is almost always a requirement for them to function problem free. 

Horizontal plane

Digital levels are extremely useful tools for setting-up and aligning most types of machines, for example, levelling machine tables, rolls, bases, etc. Easy-Laser® XT290 also offers the possibility of documenting the work, by connecting wirelessly to the Easy-Laser XT Alignment app. Today, documentation is a common client requirement. XT290 is the ideal complement to your laser-based alignment system.

Another method to level a machine is to use laser transmitter D22 to the horizontal plane (with transmitter placed at the side of the machine), and then using the laser beam as a reference for the horizontal plane. Using the detector, measure at two locations on the machine and adjust with live values until you get the same measurement value.

What equipment do you need?

For best performance and ease-of-use, the digital levels are suggested.