Machines that rotate hour after hour

Pumps, compressors, expanders, generators – these can be found within the oil and gas industry in their thousands. Rotating machinery that gets the world's wheels turning. Even in a world that is moving towards using more renewable alternatives and more stringent environmental requirements. Correct alignment then becomes even more important.

Shaft alignment with a twist

Shaft alignment systems such as Easy-Laser® XT440, XT660 and XT770 can be used for all types of rotating machinery. Which one you should choose depends on what type of machine you have, and how much control over the whole machine you want or should have. The Ex/ATEX approved Easy-Laser® XT550 system is ideal for potentially explosive environments, read more about it on the page about explosive environments. A lot of machines have radial transmissions, i.e. belt drives of different kinds. E.g. fans. This is where Easy-Laser® XT190 BTA, our belt alignment tool with digital display that allows alignment to the belt manufacturer's prescribed tolerances, can be used.

Shaft alignment system Easy-Laser® XT770 can assist with all those important steps involved in machinery installation and continued maintenance. With a separate laser transmitter for flatness (accessory) you can check that the necessary conditions for problem free operation are met right from the start. You can already check any twist/rotation in a base with the standard system's measuring units.

”Reliable machinery installation” is a term that includes everything that you should take into account to get the best out of a machine or plant that (mostly) consists of rotating machines. Read more about Reliable machinery installation

The intrinsically safe XT550 shaft alignment system.