Engines and gearboxes

The Easy-Laser® Linebore system checks the straightness of e.g. the crankshaft and camshaft bearing centre lines, with a resolution of 0.001 mm and a maximum measurement distance of 40 metres. Both bearing halves and complete bearings can be measured, and the bearing journals can have different diameters. The measurements can be taken very quickly, irrespective of the engine design.

Measuring bearing journals

When using bore alignment system Easy-Laser® E950, the laser transmitter is mounted (with magnets) axially at one end of the engine. Using the transmitter’s built-in offset hub, it is very easy to perform fine adjustment of the laser beam’s direction. The detector unit is then placed in the bearing journals and the measurement values are recorded at each position.

The results of the measurement show the position of the bearing journals vertically and horizontally in relation to two selected zero (reference) points. These can be any of the bearings, and can be shifted to calculate the minimum required tooling work. The result is presented both digitally and graphically, and can be transferred to a PC for documentation and further analysis.

For a real life case, read the article about On Site Alignment, a Dutch company with focus on alignment onboard ships

Other examples of measurement requirements

Other measurement applications for engine manufacturers include the flatness of parting surfaces, squareness for cylinder bores and shaft alignment when assembling the drive line.