Our measurement systems have a product warranty of at least 3 years.

Why do we offer this?
So you do not have to worry about any unexpected extra expenses. And because we know that Easy-Laser® meets the highest of quality requirements.

Warranty commitment

Easy-Laser AB develops and manufactures the Easy-Laser® product range. The products are manufactured under our stringent quality controls. If the product is malfunctioning or stops working within three (3) years of purchase, the warranty applies with free repair or replacement of defective parts or products.

The warranty does not apply:

  • If the product is handled carelessly or incorrectly.
  • If the product is subjected to unusually high temperatures, moisture, shock or high voltages.
  • If the product is modified, repaired or dismantled by non-approved personnel.

Compensation for any secondary damage caused by an Easy-Laser® product fault does not apply. Easy-Laser AB is not responsible for any transport costs for equipment sent back to Easy-Laser AB for repair.

NB! It is the responsibility of the customer to make a backup of all saved data before the product is sent for repair. Resetting of saved measurement data is not covered by the warranty. Easy-Laser AB takes no responsibility for saved data that is damaged or lost during transportation or repair.

Lithium-ion battery limited warranty

A Lithium-ion battery inevitably loses power during its lifetime, depending on usage temperature and the number of charging cycles. Therefore, internal rechargeable batteries in the Easy-Laser® product range are not included in our general 3-year warranty. A 1-year warranty applies for the battery capacity to stay above 70 % (after 300 charging cycles, the battery should have more than 70 % of its nominal capacity left).

ECOM tablet computer limited warranty

The warranty of ECOM Tablet Computer (part no. 12-1086/12-1327) is one (1) year.

ATEX certified measuring units

The XT50 measuring units are ATEX approved by DNV GL Presafe AS, notified body number 2460. This means they comply with the essential health and safety requirements relating to the design of products intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Easy-Laser AB has a comprehensive ISO 9001 quality management system, monitored by Nemko AS, notified body number 0470, that includes procedures for ATEX products. This means that ATEX designed products are produced, marketed and serviced according to the highest standard.

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