XT980 sawmill alignment system
XT980 sawmill system in use
XT980 sawmill alignment system
XT980 sawmill system in use

Easy-Laser® XT980 - Sawmill

Measurement and alignment of sawmill machinery

The Easy-Laser® XT980 Sawmill system will help you increase efficiency and save money in your sawmill. The system measures straightness, flatness and squareness. Simple to use, even for your own maintenance and production staff. Equally useful on band saws and circular saws.

Easy-Laser XT980 is a laser based measurement and alignment system that helps sawmills to make optimal use of their facilities. Correctly set up machines make it possible to maintain a high rate of production with the highest quality end products hour after hour.

Easy-Laser XT980 makes it fast and easy to measure and adjust reducers, counterholds, band and circular saw blades. The laser transmitter in XT980 can be used as a rotated point, which gives a ”plane” to measure against. It replaces the traditional cord/wire, that was tensioned in the centre, and enables you to move around freely in the machine, screwing and adjusting, while following the result of the adjustment in real time.

With XT980 you can measure straightness, flatness and squareness in relation to the vertical and horizontal planes if you wish. The system is easy for production and maintenance personnel to use and works for both band and circular saws. In addition, it is excellent for measuring flatness and ensuring that the base remains stable and level.

There is a rapid return on the investment through fewer production stoppages and more even quality in the sawn timber.

Benefits of using Easy-Laser XT980: 

  • Less unplanned downtime
  • Better product quality
  • Longer lifetime for blades 
  • Longer lifetime for bearings
  • Less vibration
  • Less waste material


If you don't have access to Google Play:

XT Alignment app for Android 
(Version 8.3.4, 296MB)

Measurement programs

The featured programs below are the most common used with this system. Please click here for a complete overview of possibilities.
*=accessories needed

Values - Extended applications

The Values program can be used for most geometrical measurements, with suitable units and brackets. Perfect for the complete machine installation phase. The Values interface can show up to four units at the same time; both measuring units and digital levels, for example. Automatic recording possible (set the interval and duration). You can make individual notes for each measurement point.

XT Straightness program

With our program for measuring straightness, you can easily measure long shafts, rolls, bearing journals, bases, overhead rails, machine structures etc. You will be able to get the result for both the horizontal and vertical alignment, graphically as well as digitally. The program automatically calculates different Best-fit results. (Requires laser transmitter XT20 or XT22)

Basic Flatness program to check the flatness of foundations and frames
Basic flatness*

With this program you can check the flatness of foundations and frames, using two rows of points, 2 to 8 points per row. Separate laser transmitter required. (Requires laser transmitter XT20 or XT22).

Smart functions

Measurement value filter
Multiple languages
AV connector
Sign reports electronically
Read QR and bar codes
Continue session


Save to USB memory
Save to built-in memory
Make a printout
Share your reports
Add pictures
Versatile reports

Measuring units XT70-M / XT70-S

The XT70 measuring units utilize dot-type laser and 2-axis square PSD surfaces. A state-of-the-art OLED display shows the angle of the unit, making it easier to position it on the shaft.

Rigid and rugged

The diagonally positioned fastening screws set the unit in a grid-lock on the rods. Rigid aluminium housing for maximum stability. IP66 and 67, dust- water- and shockproof. Heavy-duty battery for very long operating times. Built-in wireless technology.


  • Built-in wireless technology. Integrated rechargeable battery. 
  • TruePSD technology with unlimited resolution for greatest accuracy.
  • Dual laser beams and PSDs.
  • Sturdy aluminium body. IP66/67 design.
  • OLED display shows the angle of the unit 
  • Slideable target
  • 24 hours operating time
  1. Laser angle adjustment
  2. Charger connector
  3. Locking knob
  4. Slidable target/dust cover
  5. OLED display: battery status/unit angle
  6. Extendable stainless steel rods
  7. Chain tightening knob
  8. PSD aperture
  9. Laser aperture

XT22 Laser transmitter

Laser transmitter XT22 can be used to measure flatness, straightness, squareness, level and parallelism. The laser beam can sweep 360° with a measurement distance of up to 40 metres [130´] in radius. The laser head is super stable, but still easy to turn. No need for locking/unlocking screw.

We have installed electronic precision vials in the XT transmitters. This gives the advantage of faster feedback when levelling and less risk of errors during calibration, because all users see the same angular value (compared with reading spirit levels).

The laser beam can be pointed perpendicular to the flatness plane, within 0.01 mm/m [0.01 mils/inch]. XT22 has a fine turning mechanism for the laser head with a gear ratio of 1:1320, which makes it super easy to point the beam at the detector also on very long distances.

The fiber-coupled laser creates an extremely smooth laser beam profile, free from reflections and irregularities. This means that the laser beam will have very good optical properties in terms of straightness (± 0.003 mm [± 0.12 mils]).

The transmitter has many mounting options. The three super magnets can be mounted at many different positions on the transmitter, making it possible to also place the transmitter on a small surface, when needed.

The Multi-bracket (included) provides a lot of extra, versatile mounting possibilities, for example mounting on tripod, magnet bases, or rods to elevate the transmitter.

Learn more in the XT20/XT22 brochure.

  1. Super stable rotatable head, still easy to turn. No need for locking/unlocking screw. Two apertures. 
  2. Super fine turning of laser beam head. 
    Simplifies beam positioning to detector on very long distances like the 40 m [132'] maximum. 
  3. Charger connection.
  4. Tilt adjustment (×2).
    Tilt table with large adjustment angle, ±1.3° (±23 mm/m [±23 mils/inch]).
  5. Release lever.
    Also for dampening the strong magnet force when placing the transmitter on the surface.
  6. Fastening of separate magnet bases (×2). 
  7. Flippable angular prism.
    Provides a laser beam perpendicular to the flatness plane.
  8. Solid aluminium core ensures rigid design.
  9. Marking for every 45°. 
    For quick rough alignment.


  1. Rubberized grip surface.
  2. M6 thread (×4) for safety strap screw and other accessories/adaptations.
  3. Countersunk profile for fingers, for better grip when lifting the transmitter.
  4. Super magnets (×3).
  5. Square design makes it easy to position in a corner of an object, it also clearly indicates tilting angles and simplifies calibration.
  6. Clear TFT colour display.
    On/Off, Change display view.

Display unit XT12 (optional)

Rugged, robust, industrial grade tablet with wear resistant rubberized protective coating. IP66 and 67, dust- water- and shockproof. As standard a 13 MP camera for documentation is built-in, but you can also choose a model with IR camera added.

Glove enabled touch-screen

A large 8", glove-enabled touch-screen makes the information clear and the app easy to use. You can check battery status also when the unit is turned off .
Heavy-duty rechargeable battery for very long operatong times; up to 16 hours. Fastening points for shoulder strap (included).


  • Robust, rubber coated design, IP66/67.
  • Large 8” glove enabled touch-screen.
  • IR Camera for thermal images (optional).
  • 16 hours operating time.
  1. Ergonomic, rubber coated housing
  2. Battery status-check button
  3. Battery status indicators
  4. Dust cover and protection on for connectors (Note: connectors are dust- and waterproof)
  5. Proximity sensor
  6. Display brightness sensor
  7. Large and clear 8" glove-enabled touch-screen
  8. Enter button
  1. Charger
  2. USB C / USB A / AV connector (HDMI)
  3. Fastening points for shoulder strap (x2) 
  4. IR Camera (optional)
  5. 13 Mp Camera
  6. LED Light 
  7. Loudspeakers

A complete system contains

  • 1 Laser transmitter XT22
  • 1 Measuring unit XT70-M
  • 1 Multi bracket for XT laser
  • 2 Electronic targets
  • 1 Magnet base with turnable head
  • 1 Magnet base
  • 1 Shaft bracket with chain
  • 2 Offset brackets
  • 2 Brackets for electronic target
  • 1 Rotating detector bracket for rods
  • 1 Magnet bracket Short, with turnable head
  • 1 Magnet bracket Long, with turnable head
  • 1 Index table 90°
  • 1 Bracket (Set square) for index table Part No. 12-1087
  • 1 Set with rods (4x75 mm)
  • 1 Set with rods (8x120 mm)
  • 2 Large targets 
  • 1 Tape measure 5 m  
  • 1 Hexagon wrench
  • 1 Charger (100–240 V AC)
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Toolbox XT GEO
  • 1 Documentation folder GEO
  • 1 DC to USB adapter
  • 1 DC split cable for charging
  • 2 Screw clamps 
  • 1 Transportation case, with wheels


  • XT12 Display unit, with or without IR camera

Display Unit

Type of display/size
8" LCD capacitive multi-touch colour display
Internal battery (fixed)
Heavy duty Li Ion chargeable
USB A, USB C, Charger, AV
Operating temperature
-10–50 °C
Storage temperature
-20–50 °C
Wireless technology, WiFi
Relative humidity
Built-in, rear-facing
15 V
13 Mp autofocus, with LED diode
IR camera (optional)
FLIR LEPTON® (0–400 °C, 32–752 °F)
Help functions
Built-in manual
Environmental protection
IP class 66 and 67. Designed for outdoor use (pollution degree 4)
Housing material
WxHxD: 269.0x190.0x49.4 mm [10.59x7.48x1.95"]
Weight (without batteries)
1400 g [49.4 oz]
Operating time
Up to 16 h continuously

Measuring Units

XT70-M / XT70-S
BT wireless technology
Type of detector
2 axis TruePSD 20x20 mm [0.79x0.79"]
0.001 mm [0.05 mils]
Measurement accuracy
±1µm ±1%
Measurement range
Up to 20 m [66 feet]
Type of laser
Diode laser
Laser wavelength
630-680 nm
Laser class
Safety class 2
Laser output
<1 mW
Electronic inclinometer
0.1° resolution
Environmental protection
IP class 66 and 67
Operating temperature
-10–50 °C
Storage temperature
-20–50 °C
Relative humidity
Housing material
Anodized aluminium + PC/ABS + TPE
WxHxD: 76x76.7x45.9 mm [3.0x3.0x1.8"]
272 g [9.6 oz]
OLED display
128x64 pixels
Operating time
Up to 24 h continuously

Laser Transmitter

Type of laser
Fiber-coupled diode laser
Laser wavelength
630–680 nm
Laser Safety Class
Class 2
Output power
< 1 mW
Beam diameter
6 mm [0.24"] at aperture
13 mm [0.51"] at 40 m [132']
Working range
40 m radius [132']
BT Wireless technology
Warning indications
Tempearature drift and shake/vibration
Type of battery
Heavy duty Li-Ion chargeable
Operating time
Up to 30 hours continuous use
Warmup time
15 min
Operating temperature
-10–50 °C [14–122 °F]
Charging temperature (battery)
0–50 °C [32–122 °F]
Storage temperature
-20–50 °C [-4–122 °F]
Relative humidity
10–95% non-condensing
Number of precision levels
2 pcs Horizontal, 1 pc Vertical
Precision level range
± 10 mm/m [± 10 mils/inch]
Precision level accuracy
± 0.02 mm/m ±1% [± 0.02 mils/inch ±1%]
Precision level sensitivity
0.001 mm/m [0.001 mils/inch]
Laser plane flatness
± 0.01 mm/m [± 0.01 mils/inch]
Squareness between laser beams
± 0.01 mm/m [± 0.01 mils/inch]
Laser head fine turning
1:1320 gear ratio
Environmental protection
N/A, designed for industrial use (pollution deg. 3)
TFT display
240x240 pixels, RGB colour
Housing material
Anodized aluminium + PC/ABS + TPU
WxHxD: 147x136x152 mm [5.79x5.35x5.98"]
2264 g [79.86 oz]

How to align sawmill machinery with laser

Product information

XT980 Sawmill
Product Catalogue rev. 24
Product Overview

For software, see Support > Software download.

E980 - Sawmill

The Easy-Laser® E980 Sawmill system will help you increase efficiency and save money in your sawmill. The system measures straightness, flatness and squareness. Equally useful on band saws and circular saws.

XT980 - Sawmill

The Easy-Laser® XT980 Sawmill system will help you increase efficiency and save money in your sawmill. The system measures straightness, flatness and squareness. Equally useful on band saws and circular saws.

E910 - Flange

Easy-Laser® E910 Flange is a system used to measure flange flatness of windmill towers, wings and hubs, tower bases, etc. It can also be used for parallelism measurement.

E915 - Flange spin

Easy-Laser® E915 is a system used to measure flange flatness of windmill towers and slewing bearings with an easy-to-use rotating laser. 

E920 - Geometric

Easy-Laser® E920 can be used to carry out all the most common geometric measurements; straightness, flatness, squareness, plumb and level. Measurement is quick and precise.

E930 - Extruder

Easy-Laser® E930 is designed to measure straightness and pointing direction, primarily on extruder pipes. Another application can be e.g. hydraulic pipes. 

E950 - Bore alignment

Easy-Laser® E950 makes checking and aligning bearings and bearing journals easy. All of the parts included in the systems are designed and built for even the most demanding workplace and for easy setup on any machinery.

XT950 - Bore alignment

The Easy-Laser® XT950 Bore Alignment System is used for the precise alignment of bore center lines, bearing journals, and cylindrical objects. 

E960 - Turbine alignment

Easy-Laser® E960 Turbine alignment systems make the measurement and adjustment work of diapraghms and bearings easier thanks to the wireless detector unit and measurement programs that guides you through the measurement process.

E970 - Parallelism

For parallelism measurement of rolls and other objects in numerous applications. The Easy-Laser® E970 is especially suitable when many objects are to be measured and aligned, and when the distances are long.