Wind shaft alignment system VT
Wind shaft alignment system GA
Wind turbine nacelle
Wind shaft alignment system VT
Wind shaft alignment system GA
Wind turbine nacelle

Easy-Laser® Wind - Shaft alignment

Alignment of wind turbine generator and gearbox

We offer shaft alignment systems specially developed for alignment of wind turbines. The bracket kits included make it possible to align the gearbox and generator with the coupling removed and the rotor locked, and fit many of the powertrain models made by the largest manufacturers.

Many leading manufacturers require that the alignment is done without the coupling, as a safety precaution. In these cases, it’s necessary to perform the alignment without turning the shaft. This is possible with the Easy-Laser systems, which are designed to be used with the coupling removed and the rotor locked. Removing the coupling and using the specially designed brackets is the safest way to perform an alignment of a wind turbine.

These systems are intended for use during installation but also for continuous maintenance work in the field. They are therefore well suited to the requirements of service companies.

Systems for shaft alignment with locked rotor

Our two special systems contain brackets that fit the specific gearbox/generator flange interfaces of many turbine variants made by leading manufacturers:

System VT

This shaft alignment system consists of three different kits (sold separately): one general installation kit, one supplement service kit for use on smaller turbines, plus one upgrade kit. The installation kit can be delivered without the measuring units and display unit etc. (then called Mechanical bracket kit), if you already own those. For use with both E and XT series measuring units. The complete system fits all Vestas turbines.

System GA

This solution includes a kit with display unit and measuring units (E-series) and brackets to measure with the coupling in place, as well as a bracket kit (for both E and XT series) for measurement with the coupling removed. The kits are sold separately or as a package. Fits Siemens Gamesa turbines.

For more details, please see the brochure for each system under the tab Downloads.

Shaft alignment with rotating shaft

To perform shaft alignment with the coupling in place the shaft needs to rotate, for example via servo drive, and to be stopped with the break. Measurement program EasyTurn (which is included in all Easy-Laser systems as standard) is perfect in this case. It requires a minimum of shaft rotation to determine the alignment condition.

To perform alignment with a rotating shaft you can use any of our standard shaft alignment systems. We offer several different mounting brackets, magnetic and with offset mounting possibilities, that can be used to solve situations where mounting the equipment may be difficult. Contact your local Easy-Laser distributor to determine which solution will work best for you!

Measurement and alignment solutions for the wind power industry


Product information

System VT brochure (Wind)
System GA brochure (Wind)

XT660 - Shaft alignment

With Easy-Laser® XT660 you can deal with all the important steps of machine setup and maintenance.

XT770 - Shaft alignment

With Easy-Laser® XT770 you can perform shaft alignment of horizontal and vertically/flange mounted machines, but also align machine trains, measure twist of foundation, and more.

Wind - Shaft alignment

Shaft alignment systems specially developed for alignment of wind turbines. 

XT770 Shaft+GEO - Shaft alignment and geo applications

With Easy-Laser® XT770 Shaft+GEO you can perform shaft alignment of horizontal and vertically/flange mounted machines, and align machine trains with an unlimited number of machines. You can also measure strainghtness, flatness, twist of foundation, and more.

XT550 - Ex/ATEX Shaft alignment

Easy-Laser® XT550 is an intrinsically safe shaft alignment system, developed for use in potentially hazardous areas.

XT440 - Shaft alignment

Easy-Laser® XT440 is our most basic, app based system. Lets you perform all necessary steps of shaft alignment on horizontal and vertically/flange mounted machines.