Frequently asked questions

General questions

Can I rent equipment?

Yes, please contact your local distributor.

Do you provide alignment services?

We do not provide it ourselves, but we can help you with contact details. Contact us at, and we will guide you.

Do you sell worldwide?

Yes, we have authorized distributors covering almost every country in the world. You find a complete list here.

What is the lead time?

The delivery time must be confirmed for each purchase.

What is the price of your products?

Please contact your local Easy-Laser distributor for a quotation. You find them here.

Documentation and training

Do you have MSDS for the Li Ion battery in the E9xx series?

MSDS certificate will be provided upon request when purchasing Easy-Laser equipment.

How much does an alignment training course cost?

Please contact your local Easy-Laser distributor for a quotation. You find them here.

Is there any online training available?

During the pandemic we offer online training. For educational videos please see our YouTube channel.

Were can I book an alignment training course?

Please contact your local Easy-Laser distributor for a quotation. You find them here.

Where can I find manuals for older systems?

Please have a look at this page.


Does the XT Alignment app work on a PC?

No, it can only be used on iOS and Android tablets and smarthones, and our own XT display unit.

How can I install the software without a CD drive?

The best way is to use a USB memory stick.

How can i print the saved alignment readings using a HDMI cable?

We recommend the use of a USB memory stick or wifi connection if your device is compatible. You can tranfer files directly from the display unit to a computer using the cable that was provided when the system was purchased.

How do I gain access to more functions in my Series E system?

Contact your local Easy-Laser® representative for license files.

I cannot connect my D series system to a computer.

Make sure you have the correct cable (see section "RS232 to USB driver").

I can't connect my alignment system to the XT app.

Make sure all devices are charged and search for wireless connection in the app. If you still have problems, contact your local distributor or service center.

I have lost my copy of EasyLink, can I have a new one?

Yes, download for free here.

I have problems updating to the latest XT display unit software.

OK, first please read the XT App Release Notes and see if that answers your questions.  If you still have problems, contact your local distributor or service center.

What are the hardware requirements for EasyLink 3?

System requirements: Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. For the export function, Excel 2003 or newer must also be installed on the computer. EasyLink™ 3.0 works with both the D and E series in Easy-Laser®. Export formats: Excel, XML.

Where can I download EasyLink?

You find it here.

Where can I download software for an E series system?

You find it here.

Where can I download the latest XT firmware version?

You find it here.

Where can I find software for a D series system?

We no longer offer upgrades of D-series software. For creating reports, please download the EasyLink software.

Why can’t my system connect with Bluetooth®?

Try this: In the Settings menu, choose Bluetooth. Uncheck units that are not to be used. 


Do you have a video showing how the XT shaft alignment systems work?

Yes, here is a shaft alignment demo made by our partner Benchmark PDM!

Do you manufacture customer adapted systems?

Yes, we can design and manufacture brackets for specific applications. Please contact us at, or call +46 31 708 63 00 for a discussion!

Does my E series system work with the XT app?

No, they are not compatible.

How do I order spare parts for my system?

Please contact your nearest Easy-Laser® representative.

Is there a way to do a hard reset of the XT11 display unit?

Yes, you can reset the display unit by holding on the on/off button for 15 seconds or more. Sometimes it is necessary to let the batteries discharge completely and then charge them to 100% to reset the batteries.

The product I am looking for has been discontinued. Which one should I choose instead?

Please have a look at this page.

What is the price of your products?

Please contact your nearest Easy-Laser® representative to receive a quote.

Where can I buy a new charger?

Please contact your nearest Easy-Laser® representative.

Where can I buy new targets?

Please contact your nearest Easy-Laser® representative.

Calibration and service, warranty

How often should I send the system for calibration?

For normal use, every second year is what we recommend. 

Can I get a new calibration certificate?

Yes, please contact the service center where you last calibrated your equipment.

How long is the product warranty?

Please see the Warranty page for detailed information.

Where can I calibrate my system?

Please see the Service and calibration page for contact details.

Is calibration included in the price?

No. Calibration is an add-on service.

What does the warranty cover?

Please see the Warranty page for detailed information.

What is the price of calibration?

Contact your local Easy-Laser representative for cost estimation. You find them here.

Measurement questions/problems

What do I do if the app can't find the XT190 detector?

Make sure you have selected the correct display unit to use with the detector (Series E or XT).

  1. Press  to open the settings view. Use  to move up and down in the menu.
  2. Press  to select XT or E-system.
  3. Confirm with OK .