Frequently asked questions


How do I gain access to more functions in my Series E system?

Contact your local Easy-Laser® representative for license files.

I cannot connect my Easy-Laser® system to a computer

Make sure you have the correct cable (see section "RS232 to USB driver").

I have lost my copy of EasyLink, can I have a new one?

Yes, download for free here.

Why can’t my system connect with Bluetooth®?

In the Settings menu, choose Bluetooth. Uncheck units that are not to be used.

Belt alignment

What do I do if the app can't find the XT190 detector?

Make sure you have selected the correct display unit to use with the detector (Series E or XT).

  1. Press  to open the settings view. Use  to move up and down in the menu.
  2. Press  to select XT or E-system.
  3. Confirm with OK .


How do I order spare parts for my system?

Contact your nearest Easy-Laser® representative.