Aligned saws increase the yield

A sawmill is a very demanding environment, where the machines are hard worn. Regular checks and adjustment of the machine's angles and straightness increases the quality of the sawn timber, and allows the yield and production speed to be maintained at the highest level, hour after hour. With a laser measurement system, work can be performed quickly and with the greatest precision.

A simpler and more universal measurement system

A laser system is quickly and easily set-up on the machine. The laser gives us an absolutely straight ”ruler” to place on the center of the saw line, which we then measure from counterholds, for example, to the laser beam, from both sides. You can then accurately center according to your wishes and requirements.

Older methods using wire/cables stretched along the saw line are in practice rarely sufficient for today's precision and productivity requirements. In addition, a laser beam does not get in the way of alignment work like a wire does. Thanks to the quick set-up and straightforward measurement procedure, the system can also be used during shorter production stops to check e.g. if logs crashing into guides has changed their position.

Our Easy-Laser® E980 Sawmill alignment system can be used on circular saws and band saws, and other component parts of the line such as reducers, guide planes etc. The measurements are easily documented in PDF. The system is offered with two alternative laser transmitters and other suitable accessories. We are happy to tell you more about what suits your needs best!

Align circular saws

The saw blade (or blades) should be aligned parallel to the saw line. The most common way is to point the laser beam along the center of the entire machine, at specific alignment marks at the ends. Blades, reducers and guide planes etc. are then checked against this reference line, so that the correct angle is achieved on each machine unit. This way you can also during shorter stoppages check the machine when quality defects are detected in the sawn material.

Align band saws

Band saw wheels should be parallel to each other, and perpendicular to the saw line. We usually use a laser transmitter mounted next to the band saw wheels, which can be indexed (rotated) exactly 90° to the saw line, to check the angle of the band saw wheels. The guide plane and reducers are also adjusted to the desired angle to the log direction.

Watch the video to see how it is done!

Other sawmill applications

The straightness of chain conveyors is checked using the E980 Sawmill system. Alignment of rotary machines, such as cardan drives and pumps, is performed with one of our shaft alignment systems. Alignment of sheaves/pulleys on fans is performed with Easy-Laser® XT190 BTA.