Intrinsically safe for explosive environments

In potentially explosive environments, specially designed and approved measurement systems must be used to eliminate the risk of catastrophic accidents. Alternatively, ”hot permits” must be issued, a sometimes complicated procedure that can be avoided with our measurement system designed for use in explosive environments.

A unique solution for potentially explosive environments

Easy-Laser® XT550 Shaft alignment system is a measurement system that is part of our XT-range. This means that you can obtain it with the display unit we supply or alternatively you can use the Ex-classed tablet or smartphone you may already have. Cost-effective! Industries where there may be a need for this include the oil and gas, food, pharmaceutical and mining industries.

Not all parts of the plants require intrinsically safe products. You can then choose to have both Ex-classed and ”normal” alignment products from our XT-range. The advantage is that the software is the same in all of them, which minimizes the need for training on different products.

The Easy-Laser® XT550 shaft alignment system was awarded the HazardEx Award for Best Technical Innovation in 2019.

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