Discontinued products

The following products have been withdrawn from the range:

Discontinued products Replaced by
  • D80 BTA
  • D90 BTA
  • D150 BTA
  • D160 BTA
  • D200 BTA
  • E170 BTA
  • E180 BTA
  • D130 BTA Ex
  • D450 Shaft
  • E420 Shaft
XT440 Shaft
  • D550 Shaft
XT550 Shaft
  • D480 Shaft
  • E530 Shaft
  • E540 Shaft
XT660 Shaft
  • D505 Shaft
  • D525 Shaft, D525B Shaft
XT770 Shaft
  • E710 Shaft
XT770 Shaft 
  • E720 Shaft
XT770 Shaft+GEO
  • D600 Machine
  • D640 Machine tool
  • E940 Machine tool
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nearest reseller
for more information.
  • D630 Extruder
E930 Extruder
  • D650 Linebore, D652 Linebore
E950 Bore alignment
  • D660 Turbine, D662 Turbine, D663 Turbine, D664 Turbine
E960 Turbine
  • D670 Parallelism
  • E975 Roll alignment
E970 Parallelism
  • D800 Machine Spin
E915 Flange spin
  • E285 Vibrometer probe
XT280 Vibrometer
  • Vestas 1–4 Wind turbine systems
Vestas 5 and 6

If you need help finding the right replacement product, please contact us.