Optimize production using lasers

The machines that are used in the automotive industry have the same requirements for correct set-up and alignment as other industries in order to guarantee reliability and productivity. This is ensured by Easy-Laser's measurement and alignment system. 

Foundations and machine frames

As always, what you put your machines on is literally the foundation for them to function optimally. This applies to all machines listed below. Then any machine frames and other parts should be aligned straight, flat, square etc. This can be done using the Easy-Laser® E920 Geometric measurement system for example.    

Hydraulic press machines

With Easy-Laser you can make sure that the tool halves are plane parallel, i.e. they meet correctly over the entire surface.

Edge presses and bending machines

Checked for straightness and parallelism.

Engine test benches

Engines are run in test benches during development and commissioning. Electric motors often run at much higher speeds than their counterparts, which are powered by fossil fuels. This places even higher demands on the alignment of the test benches.

Machine tools

Read more about the alignment of machine tools under the heading Manufacturing industry.

Industrial robots (welding, painting, cutting, material handling etc.)

Industrial robots are obviously dependent on being stable, and being able to move in an accurate and controllable manner.

Conveyors and conveyor belts

Must be installed straight, flat, perpendicular and parallel.