Measure the geometry of the machine before linear movement


In order to meet quality requirements and minimise the number of waste workpieces, the checking and alignment of machine tools is essential. The most important thing to check is the geometry of the machine; not even a precisely calibrated linear motion can compensate for a crooked movement or uneven surface. The correct machine geometry is the basis for being able to produce parts that remain within the tolerances.
Our geometry measurement systems can handle most tasks in this field, despite the fact that there is considerable variation as regards to machine design: boring machines, vertical, horizontal and portal milling machines, lathes, vertical lathes, drilling machines, automatic drills, water cutting machines, presses, etc.

Easy-Laser® makes work much faster

Compared to conventional methods, such as dial gauges, etc work can be carried out much more quickly with the use of a laser measurement system. There are many reasons why:


  • Light and handy equipment = shorter time for preparations and measurements
  • Possible to measure and align at long distances = greater accuracy
  • Possible to measure both X and Y (Z) directions at the same time = saves time
  • The reference (laser beam) is always 100% straight
  • It is possible to create documentation of the measurement results via printer and to PC


  • Heavy and ungainly equipment = prolongs measurement time
  • The equipment can be difficult to install = prolongs measurement time
  • Possible drop in the indicator gauges’ fixtures
  • Possible reading errors on the indicator gauges (+ or -, parallel axis error etc)
  • Possible changes or wear on fixtures = the reference is not straight
  • No documentation

Machine tool spindle alignment

Measure machine spindle direction

Principle of measuring spindle direction

It is important to measure the direction in which machine spindles are pointing in many machines, such as lathes, drilling machines, automatic drills, boring machines, milling machines, etc.

When we measure the direction a machine spindle points relative to the machine bed, a spindle pointing in the opposite direction or a bearing journal, the laser transmitter is mounted at or near the centre of the spindle. When the spindle is rotated half a turn (180°), the centre of rotation of the laser beam is calculated where the detector is mounted. This centre of rotation is then stored in the display unit. Now move the detector a set distance to the next measuring point and calculate the centre of rotation for the laser beam again. The difference in the measurement values for the centre of rotation at detector positions 1 and 2 is the angular error between the spindle’s centre of rotation and the machine bed.


Spindle direction for boring machines and milling machines

Measuring the pointing direction in a boring machine or a milling machine can be carried out using either the table as the reference or the table’s movement/the machine bed as the reference. By doing this, we are also able to see if the table is parallel with the machine bed.


Alignment of secondary spindle

Another application is alignment of secondary spindle with main spindle. Here it is beneficial to use both measuring units (combined laser/detector) of the Easy-Laser® system E940.

Higher precision with
Hyper PSD™ detectors

A special feature of the Easy-Laser® E940 Machine tool system is the HyperPSD™ technology. This makes it possible to display a resolution of 0.0001 mm [0.000005”/0.005 mils]. This resolution will make it possible for you to get an even better control of your machine tools than before.

How to keep your CNC machinery pit stops short

Efficient manufacturing of today almost always depend on a minimum of downtime. Therefore a spindle crash is a most unwelcome accident. The good thing is that there now are fast methods for checking the machine.

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Maybe you have other measurement and alignment problems to be solved. It is very likely that we already have run into them! Don’t hesitate to contact us for a discussion about a solution.


The more you understand about measurement technology, the more use you will get out of your measurement system in your daily work. Attend one of our training classes now!

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On this page you can find all available Easy-Laser® product manuals in pdf format. You can also find Application Guides here.

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