08 September 2014

Hydro power plant inlet/outlet measurement

Recently we were called out to one of our long time customers to consult on a hydro power station installation in northern Norway. This is a short recap of how, using a standard Easy-Laser® precision alignment tool for flatness measurement, we were able to help the commissioning engineers correct an error and avoid further problems once the turbines where to be installed. Read more
17 June 2014

Quick and accurate roll changes with revolutionary new measuring system

Easy-Laser® E975 Roll alignment is a revolutionary new system for fast replacement and alignment of rolls in, for example, printing presses, paper machines and converting machines. Read more
04 April 2014

Measure straightness with precision at 200 metres

Easy-Laser® E30 Long Range pushes the limits for the industry regarding what is measurable and what can be documented. Read more
01 March 2014

Laser alignment justification

It has been proposed that laser alignment equipment should be purchased. It would be used on the connecting shafts between all motors and pumps, mixers, fans, compressors etc on site to ensure they are correctly aligned. Read more

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