Level and plumb

Measurements of straightness as well as centre line relative to an absolute plumb line are made, for example, on vertical turbines and generator shafts. 

Level measurement

Digital levels, such as the Easy-Laser E290, are extremely useful tools for setting-up and aligning most types of machine, for example, levelling machine tables, rolls, bases, etc. The E290 also offers the possibility of documenting the work, by wirelessly connecting to your alignment system. The E290 is the perfect addition to your laser based alignment systems.

Level can also be achieved for a machine by setting up the D22 laser transmitter according to its vials beside the machine, with the laser beam pointing across it. The beam is now the level reference.Then measure with the detector at two points on the object and align until you get the same readings.

Plumb measurement

Place the laser on the first side at “9 o’clock” to the shaft. Record all readings along this side of the shaft, then move the laser transmitter to the other side, “3 o’clock” (indexing), and record all points at the same levels as on the other side of the shaft. Then carry out the same for the other alignment, “12 o’clock” and “6 o’clock” to achieve shaft alignment.