Standard solutionswith a twist

Combined systems

One of the key features of Easy-Laser® is the possibility to combine one standard system
with another. Or to add just that accessory you need for your application. 

Expandability protects your
investment for the future

Easy-Laser® is a safe investment. We are able to offer turnkey systems for specific measurements, but in truth Easy-Laser® can be expanded, combined and upgraded to suit any of your measurement needs, now or in the future. Who knows how your operations will develop or what your measurement needs will be? As an example of expandability, all our geometry systems can be upgraded with equipment for shaft alignment. You can also, for example, add turbine equipment to the bore alignment system, or BTA Digital for sheave/pulley alignment to systems XT440 and XT660, to name but a few. 

What you can measure is always a combination of hardware and software. Shaft alignment system E710 has got programs also for straightness and flatness measurement. The E920 system has all our measurement programs, so you can virtually add any of our hardware to build a custom system for your needs. These are good examples of how the versatility of the Easy-Laser® systems make your investment cost effective. Quite simply an assured choice.

NB! Easy-Laser® XT550 is not expandable for work in potentially explosive environments with other laser transmitters, detectors etc. in the same way as our other measurement systems. This is because of the certification always required for ATEX/Ex systems. However, accessories are available in the form of brackets etc. that are not covered by the ATEX requirements. 
NOTE! The D-, E- and XT-series detectors and display units can only be used within its own product series.

Many ways to adapt

Easy-Laser® provides many ways to adapt for special needs and wants:

A. Software
B. Brackets
C. Detectors and laser transmitters
D. Other accessories and customer adapted systems.

With Easy-Laser® you are “Futureproof”