Easy-Laser® E975 - Roll alignment

Quick and accurate roll alignment

System E975 is designed mainly for roll alignment. It is well suited when just one or two rolls are to be replaced or adjusted at the same time. Because the system is so quick to set up on the machine even a short planned production stop can be utilized to measure a roll, and maybe replace or adjust it.

Easy-Laser® E975 Roll alignment is designed for replacement and alignment of rolls in, for example, printing presses, paper machines and converting machines.

Take advantage of short downtimes

Thanks to the fact that the system is quick to set up on the machine it can be used during short stoppages to check and if necessary adjust or replace a roll. Where more advanced methods might require that the measuring service is scheduled some time in advance and use contracted personnel, with Easy-Laser® E975 you can do the job yourself. And other methods such as measurement with prisms along the machine often take significantly longer to prepare. You quite simply have better control over your machine time and increase productivity using Easy-Laser® E975!

High precision is required for the ever faster machines of today

In order to maintain the quality requirements of the ever faster machines of the present day, alignment tolerances have needed to be set very tight. This also means that the measurement equipment must also have the greatest possible precision. Only then can the highest quality be assured!

Easier and more reliable measurement method

The system consists of a laser transmitter, a display unit with guiding software and a compact and neat detector unit positioned on the roll. No stand is used to the side of the machine, which eliminates the risk of the reference (laser beam) being moved accidentally. No consideration need be taken of any machine protection and frames on the side of the machine, since the laser transmitter is positioned on the inside of the roll package. The system's display unit produces a PDF report directly on site. The result can also be transferred to PC.

Alignment of rolls with Easy-Laser® E975

Pays off quickly

Compared to many competing methods, Easy-Laser® E975 is a cost efficient solution for any company, which means that the investment is quickly repaid through the reduced number of unplanned operational stoppages and longer service lives for wear parts. Maintenance departments and service firms can also extend the measurement system to cover other alignment solutions in the Easy-Laser®-range.

Measurement programs

The featured programs below are the most common used with this system. Please click here for a complete overview of possibilities.
*=accessories needed


For parallelism measurement of rolls, rails, overhead tracks, gantries, metal sheet cutters, production lines, etc. Two methods are available: measurement with Angular prism or with Angle detector E2.

Smart functions

Measurement value filter
Multiple languages


EasyLink™ PC software
Save to USB memory
Save to built-in memory
Create a PDF report
Make a printout

Display unit E51

The display unit for the E series enables you to work more efficiently and for longer than ever before thanks to several innovative solutions. It is also ergonomically designed with easy-to-grip rubber cladding and robust construction.


Never lose power

The display unit is equipped with our Endurio™ Power management system. This ensures that you never have to stop in the middle of a measurement because the battery has run out.

Ergonomic design

The display unit has a thin, easy-to-grip and rubber coated profile that ensures a secure grip. It has large well-spaced buttons that give clear feedback when pushed. In addition, the two Enter buttons make the system suitable for both right and left-handed users. The display screen has clear graphics that guide you through the measurement process.

Personal settings

You can create a user profile where you can save your personal settings. You can also have different settings for different types of measurements. It makes work faster!

Language selection

You can choose the language that you want to appear on screen. English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese are available. 


If you wish to expand functionality in the future, the software in the display unit can be upgraded via the internet or by connecting a USB memory containing the new software. In this way you will also have access to the measurement programmes that we develop for new purposes in the future.

  1. Two Enter buttons, for left and right-handed users
  2. Large, easy to read 5.7” colour display
  3. Proper buttons for clear feedback
  4. Thin profile gives a perfect grip for your hands

Detector E2 with roll centering bracket

System E975 has an angle detector (E2) which is mounted on a special roll centering bracket. The standard bracket can be used for diameters 80–400 mm [3.1–15.8"], and a minimum length of 300 mm [11.8"]. Accessory brackets for other dimensions are available on request. Depending on situation the units can be mounted in different ways on the bracket to allow for measurement (see illustration to the right).

  1. Precision level E290
  2. Security strap lock
  3. Roll centering bracket
  4. Detector E2
  5. Magnetic feet (x4)

E290 Digital precision level

For installation, setting up and maintenance of precision machines, leveling of machine tables, rolls, etc – basically anything you can think of! Built-in rechargeable battery. OLED display with digital and graphical representation of angles. Connects wirelessly to display unit E51 for more functionality. Resolution 0.01 mm/m (0.001°). Measurement range ± 2 mm/m. 

  1. OLED Display
  2. Mounting holes (x2)

D22 Laser transmitter

Laser transmitter D22 can be used to measure flatness, straightness, squareness, level and parallelism. The laser beam can sweep 360° with a measurement distance of up to 40 metres [130´] in radius. The laser beam can be angled 90° to the sweep, within 0.01 mm/m [0.01 mils/inch].

The transmitter has many mounting options. Attach it with the three magnetic feet, horizontally or vertically. Attach it with a pin in the spindle. Or put it beside the machine on for example a tripod (optional). 

  1. Laser aperture
  2. Swivelling head
  3. Laser aperture
  4. Leveling screws (x2)
  5. Magnetic feet (x3)

A complete system contains

  • 1 Display unit E-series E51
  • 1 Laser transmitter D22 incl. tilt table 
  • 1 Detector E2
  • 1 Roll bracket
  • 1 Digital Precision Level E290 
  • 1 Magnet base
  • 1 Adapter plate for magnet base to tilt table
  • 2 Rods 240 mm
  • 2 Rods 120 mm
  • 2 Rods 60 mm
  • 1 Safety strap for laser transmitter
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Measuring tape 5 m
  • 1 USB memory stick with documentation
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Battery charger (100–240 V AC)
  • 1 DC charging cable 
  • 1 DC to USB adapter 
  • 1 Hexagon wrench set

Display Unit

Part No.
Type of display/size
VGA 5.7” colour screen, backlit LED
Displayed resolution
0.001 mm / 0.05 thou
Power management
Endurio™ system for unbroken power supply
Internal battery (fixed)
Heavy duty Li Ion chargeable
Battery compartment
For 4 x R14 (C)
USB A, USB B, Easy-Laser® units, Charger
Operating temperature
-10–50 °C
BT wireless technology
Internal memory
>100 000 measurements can be saved
Help functions
Calculator, Unit converter
Environmental protection
IP class 65
Housing material
WxHxD: 250x175x63 mm [9.8”x6.9”x2.5”]
Weight (without batteries)
1080 g [2.4 lbs]

Laser Transmitter

Part No.
Type of laser
Diode laser
Laser wavelength
630–680 nm, visible red light
Laser Safety Class
Class 2
Adjustable modulation
5, 32 KHz
< 1 mW
Beam diameter
6 mm [1/4”] at aperture
Working area, range
40-metre radius [130´]
Type of battery
1 x R14 (C)
Operating time/battery
approx. 24 hours
Levelling range
± 30 mm/m [± 1.7°]
3 x spirit vials’ scaling
0.02 mm/m
Squareness between laser beams
0.01 mm/m [2 arc sec.]
Flatness of sweep
0.02 mm/m
Fine turning
0.1 mm/m [20 arc sec.]
2 x spirit vials for rotation
5 mm/m
Housing material
Anodized aluminium
WxHxD: 139x169x139 mm [5.47”x6.64”x5.47”]
2650 g [5.8 lbs]


Part No.
BT wireless technology
Type of detector
2 axis PSD 20x20 mm [0.78" sq]
Dual Detection Technology™
Type of display
0.01 mm/m (0.001°)
Measurement accuracy
Better than ± 0.02 mm/m
0.1° resolution
Thermal sensor
± 1° C accuracy
Environmental protection
IP Class 67
Internal battery
Li Ion
Operating temperature
-10–50 °C
No influence from ambient light
Housing material
Anodized aluminium, Plastics
WxHxD: 116x60x57 mm [4.6x2.4x2.2”]
530 g [18.7oz]

Other receivers (Digital)

Digital precision Level E290
Part No.
0.01 mm/m (0.001°)
± 2 mm/m
Measurement accuracy
±0.02 mm/m within range ±1 mm/m.
±0.04 mm/m within range ±2 mm/m.
Type of display
BT wireless technology
Environmental protection
IP Class 67
Operating temperature
-10–50 °C
Internal battery
Li Ion
Anodized aluminium, ABS plastics
WxHxD: 149x40x35 mm [5.9x1.6x1.4”]
530 g [18.7oz]


E9xx Geometric Manual


Product Catalogue rev. 20
Product Overview
E970 / E975 brochure

For software, see Support > Software download.

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E970 - Parallelism

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E975 - Roll alignment

Easy-Laser® E975 Roll alignment is designed for replacement and alignment of rolls in, for example, printing presses, paper machines and converting machines.