Easy-Laser® E540 - Shaft alignment

Simple and efficient shaft alignment

Easy-Laser® E540 is a precise and competent alignment system for your rotating machinery. Easy-Laser® E540 provides the ideal balance between performance and price allowing you to create the best conditions to operate your machinery economically and problem-free.

  • Keep track of machinery status with vibration level check (accessories required)
  • Check the prerequisites for a correct alignment before aligning, e.g. bearing play and soft foot
  • Measure and align in three easy steps
  • Document the result

The E540 system includes measurement programs for horizontal machines, vertical machines and alignment of machine trains with three machines. The measuring units are pre-mounted for rapid machine set-up. Start with the measuring units positioned anywhere through 360 ° around the shaft, then take any three readings down to 20° in-between. Then adjust the machine with the live-values in both horizontal and vertical directions. A PDF report is generated automatically when the measurements are saved. Simple and efficient! 

Technology that gives the best performance in demanding industrial environments

The shaft alignment system has a large 5.7", bright colour display that clearly shows all the steps of the measurement. The measuring units have TruePSD-technology, which gives unlimited resolution. Twin laser beams, twin PSDs and twin inclinometers give you superb control of the measurement in all situations. The measuring units are incredibly compact featuring wireless technology, an integrated rechargeable battery and large 30 mm TruePSD detectors. This means that they are easy to install on most types of machines, even where there is limited space. The wireless technology gives you full freedom of movement around the machine that is to be aligned. Display unit, measuring units and fixtures are all very robust for the highest accuracy in demanding industrial environments. 

Large expansion possibilities

Using XT190 BTA you can check and align sheaves and pulleys with digital precision. You can document the measurements for belt alignment in the same way as for the normal shaft alignment programs. There is also a wide range of accessory brackets, such as magnet bases, axial magnet brackets and brackets for non-rotating shafts. The transportation case is equipped with recessed compartments for the accessories, which means that you can carry everything in one case. 

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Measurement programs

The featured programs below are the most common used with this system. Please click here for a complete overview of possibilities.
*=accessories needed

Horizontal machines

Horizontally mounted machines often consist of a pump and a motor, but can also include other types of machines such as gearboxes and compressors. Regardless of the machine type, it is easy to measure and align with Easy-Laser®. The measuring units (M and S) are easily mounted on each side of the coupling and communicate with the display unit wireless. Then follow the step-by-step instructions on screen.

Vertical/flange mounted machines

This program is used for alignment of vertical and flange-mounted machines, e.g. pumps, motors, gear boxes. Shows centre offset, angular error and shim value at each bolt.

Machine train (3 machines)

For alignment of machine trains with three machines. You can pick the reference machine manually, or let the program choose one that will minimize the need for adjustments. 

Soft foot check

Alignment work begins with a soft foot check. The soft foot check ensures that the machine is resting evenly on all its feet by indicating which foot/feet should be adjusted. This is an important part of securing a reliable alignment. After the soft foot check is complete, you can go directly to the alignment program with all of the machine’s distance values saved.

Values - Digital dial indicator

The Values program can be used e.g. when one wants to measure as with dial gauges and to check bearing play or shaft load. With the standard equipment and completely normal set up on the machine!

Belt alignment*

Using the system you can align sheaves and pulleys with digital precision. Adjustment of the machines is displayed in real time on the screen, with readings for angle and axial displacement in both the vertical and horizontal axes, as well as an adjustment value for the front or rear foot pair. The result can be documented as normal. (Requires the XT190 BTA accessory.)

Measurement methods


Measurement points are recorded at fixed points 9, 12 and 3 o’clock. This is the classic three-point method which can be used in most cases.

EasyTurn™ function
EasyTurn™ function

The EasyTurn™ function allows you to begin the measurement process from anywhere on the turn. You can turn the shaft to any three positions with as little as 20° between each position to register the measurement values. Voila! Measurement is complete!

Smart functions

Measurement value filter
Result table
Reference foot locking
Multiple sets of feet
Thermal growth compensation
Tolerance check
Swap view function
Multiple languages


EasyLink™ PC software
Save to USB memory
Save to built-in memory
Create a PDF report
Make a printout

Display unit E52

The display unit has a thin, easy-to-grip rubber coated exterior for secure handling. Enter buttons on each side make the system suitable for both right and left-handed users. The large well-spaced panel buttons correspond to clear graphics that guide you through the measurement process with ease.

Language selection

You can choose the language that you want to appear on screen. English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese are available. 


If you wish to expand functionality, the display unit software can be upgraded via the internet or with a USB memory stick containing the new software. The upgrade feature also provides access to any new measurement programs we develop in the future.


  • Robust, rubber coated design
  • Large 5.7” colour display
  • Language selection and symbols
  • Guiding software
  • Save directly to PDF
  • Large internal memory
  • User profiles with your personal settings 
  • Integrated calculator 
  • Conversion tool for length units
  • Upgradable 
  • USB interface
  1. Two Enter buttons, for left and right-handed users
  2. Large, easy to read 5.7” colour display 
  3. Proper buttons for clear feedback

Measuring units ELS-40 / ELM-40

The measuring units have large detectors (TruePSD) that allow you to measure from distances up to 10 metres (33 feet). The substantial design made of aluminium and stainless steel guarantees precise measurement and reliable alignment in even the toughest environments. The measuring units are water and dust proof to class IP65.

Always wireless connection

The measuring units are connected to the display unit wirelessly, which gives you full freedom to move around your machines with the display unit!


For charging, connect the two measuring units to the display unit with the supplied splitter cable. This way you can also supply the measuring units with power during measurement, if needed.


  • TruePSD technology with unlimited resolution for greatest accuracy.
  • Large 30 mm detectors [1.2”].
  • Dual laser beams and PSDs make it possible to also measure very incorrectly set machines. This is particularly useful for   new installations, where the machines are   not yet in the correct position.
  • With electronic inclinometers in both measuring units, the system knows exactly how they are positioned making it easier   to align uncoupled shafts.  
  • Pre-mounted units for quicker mounting.
  • Electronic targets, that is you can see on the screen where the laser beams hit.
  • Sturdy aluminium body. 
  1. The rods have a height of 60–180 mm. 
    If necessary they can be extended "infinitely" with accessory rods. Made of stainless steel.
  2. Pre­mounted units/brackets
  3. Laser aperture
  4. Sturdy aluminium body
  5. PSD (30 mm/1.2")
  6. On/Off button

A complete system contains

E540-A, E540B

  • 1 Measuring unit M
  • 1 Measuring unit S
  • 1 Display unit
  • 2 Shaft brackets with chains
  • 2 Extension chains
  • 4 Rods 120 mm  [4.72”]
  • 4 Rods 60 mm  [2.36”]
  • 1 Measuring tape 3 m  [9.8’]
  • 1 USB memory stick with EasyLink™ software
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 DC charging cable
  • 1 DC to USB adapter
  • 1 Charger (100-240 V AC)
  • 1 Shoulder strap for display unit
  • 1 Quick reference manual
  • 1 Carrying case


Case is pre-cut for accessories:

  • E285 Vibrometer or magnetic brackets kit
  • Magnet bases
  • E180 BTA
  • Offset brackets

Display Unit

Part No.
Type of display/size
VGA 5.7” colour screen, backlit LED
Displayed resolution
0.001 mm / 0.05 thou
Power management
Internal battery (fixed)
Heavy duty Li Ion chargeable
Battery compartment
USB A, USB B, Easy-Laser® units, Charger
Operating temperature
-10–50 °C
BT wireless technology
Internal memory
>100 000 measurements can be saved
Help functions
Calculator, Unit converter
Environmental protection
IP class 65
Housing material
WxHxD: 250x175x63 mm [9.8"x6.9"x2.5"]
Weight (without batteries)
1020 g [2.3 lbs]

Measuring Units

ELM40 / ELS40
Part No.
12-0776 / 12-0777
BT wireless technology
Cable connection
Type of detector
PSD 30 mm [1.2"] line laser
0.001 mm [0.05 mils]
Measurement accuracy
±5µm ±1%
Measurement range
Up to 10 m [33']
Type of laser
Diode laser
Laser wavelength
635–670 nm
Laser class
Safety class 2
Laser output
<1 mW
Electronic inclinometer
0.1° resolution
Thermal sensors
-20–60 °C
Environmental protection
IP class 65
Temparature Range
-10–50 °C
Internal battery
Li Po
Housing material
Anodized aluminium/ABS plastics
WxHxD: 69.0x61.5x41.5 mm [2.72"x2.42"x1.63"]
164 g [5.8 oz]

How to perform shaft alignment in 5 steps


E540 Manual


E540 brochure
Product Catalogue rev. 20
Product Overview

For software, see Support > Software download.

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