Service and repair report

– Always fill out the online service and repair report form before sending a system for service.

– Always fill out one service and repair report for each system that is being sent.

– Always send in the entire system in its case, not just the part you think needs service.

– Always send a printed copy of the service and repair report with the shipment.

– Specified accuracies can only be guaranteed if all measurement instruments in a system are calibrated together. Therefore please send in the entire system for calibration.

– Note that certain repairs require that the system is re-calibrated by the Service Center in Sweden, regardless of when calibration was last performed.

– In case of software related problems, please make sure that the system has been upgraded to the latest software version before sending the system in for repair. The software update may solve the problem at hand. 

– Send your system to: Easy-Laser AB, Alfagatan 6, 431 49 Mölndal, Sweden. 
IMPORTANT! Only door-to-door shipping arrangements are accepted. Easy-Laser will charge a pickup/administration fee for parcels delivered to a distribution point.
This only applies to service and calibration at the Easy-Laser Service Center in Sweden. For other Service Centres, please contact them directly.

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Select at least one of the checkboxes below. To be able to do a proper fail analysis, the original laser device, detectors, cables and the display unit must be included.
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When clicking on "SUBMIT" below, a PDF of your report is created and sent to the Service Centre and to the email address specified above. Please keep the copy and your reference number for future references.

NOTE! Please click only once, it can take up to a minute for the report to be submitted.

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