XT770 – Know your machine from every angle.

With the launch of XT770, Generation XT from Easy-Laser now covers measurement and alignment needs all the way from basic level to advanced stages. The XT770 is easily operated through the same app as all other units in the XT series, and allows you to align horizontally and vertically, or flange mounted machines. But you can do a lot more. Our latest addition, the XT770 is the go-to system for advanced measurement and alignment of rotating machinery.

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Easy, smart and free.
It’s the XT app!

Easy-Laser’s free XT app includes all XT measurement and alignment programs. Download and explore the functionality of one straightforward app that communicates with every XT unit. It’s up to you what display to use—the app works on the mobile device of your choice, as well as on the rugged XT11 tablet from Easy-Laser.





Generation XT. The full range of measurement and alignment systems.

Generation XT is Easy-Laser’s app-based system, now comprising all measurement and alignment needs for rotating machinery—including in hazardous areas. Why spend time learning different systems, when one is enough? Generation XT is based on one app that lets you work on any display unit with any XT measuring unit. Use the app on the device of your choice, or on the award-winning XT11 tablet*.

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again: Welcome to the age of independence!

* Note. For use in Ex-classed areas, the mobile device you’re using must be approved for these areas. Always check for approval labels before entering potentially explosive areas. The XT11 is not Ex/ATEX approved.


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● = Included
○ = Optional

SYSTEM XT770 XT660 XT550 XT440
Wireless communication with units
Pre-mounted units on brackets ●*
Multi-lingual guiding software
PDF report automatically generated
V-bracket with chain
Extension chains
Magnet bases
Offset brackets
Magnetic bracket
Line laser technology
Dot laser technology
Ex classification
Values (Digital dial indicator)
Cardan/offset mounted machines**
Machine train (unlimited)
Machine train (3 machines)
Belt transmission alignment**
Basic flatness**
Continuous sweep
360 Live

*Yes, in medium case

**Accessories required