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Our latest addition, the XT770, is the go-to system for
advanced measurement and alignment of rotating machinery. Read more.


Easy-Laser® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of laser based measurement and alignment systems. We develop straightforward products made to quickly and accurately perform measurements and align machines for assignments in all types of industry. Here is why you should align with us.

Easy-Laser were called out to help a customer with a measurement and alignment job in a water dam in northern Sweden. We would like to share our experience using our dual detector, dot laser alignment system to get the job done. Read more
The new XT770 comes with several new functions that provide you with a comprehensive picture of your machine during machine set-up. And it is still just as easy to use as the other XT systems! In fact, they are also gaining access to severa... Read more
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Solutions for thousands of measurement and alignment problems

There are thousands of different applications for laser measurement systems, in a variety of different industries and various types of machines.

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We offer measurement and alignment training either on site with you, or at our well equipped training premises.

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Advantages with lasers


An investment in a laser based alignment system such as Easy-Laser® rapidly pays for itself through lower costs for replacement parts, less downtime and smaller electricity bills.


Correctly aligning a piece of machinery does not only make it consume less energy. It also extends the service life of its components, decreasing the need for spare parts and thus saving resources.


Alignment with Easy-Laser® increases the availability of the whole production process. If you run your machines around the clock you can gain as much as an entire day's production per year.

Still not convinced? Read more about advantages with lasers here.

Flange flatness measurement

Gravitation cancelled in sectioned flange measurement

We recently received patent protection for our method of flatness measurement of flanges, on e.g. wind turbine towers. The method has several advantages, both from a quality and work environment perspective.

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Ever since the first Easy-Laser® products were made back in 1996, everything from product development to manufacturing has been carried out in our facilities in Mölndal, Sweden, a fact that allows for better customization of mechanics and software, as well as really short development times.

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