5 reasons to align your machines

5 reasons to align your machines

Have you considered investing in a laser alignment system, but hesitated for some reason? Well, maybe this article can convince you of the many benefits.

1. Machine alignment is one of the best investments you can make for the environment

How is this possible, you might wonder? Well, if your machines are correctly aligned not only do you save energy, but you also minimize the use of replacement parts. This in turn means less energy is required for the manufacture and shipping of those parts. Automatically, the consumption of materials is also reduced. All this makes a large contribution to the environment.

2.  Proper alignment makes production more efficient and helps minimize waste

If you are a manufacturer, you probably have a lot of machinery such as CNC machines or extruders that need alignment. When out of alignment, they produce faulty parts. These out-of-tolerance parts either need to be re-machined, or new ones must be produced to replace them, because your customer still needs the same amount. Both solutions take time. If you throw the faulty parts in the bin, you also waste material. 

3. An alignment system will improve your working environment

First, the working environment will be improved thanks to reduced leakage and less vibrations. A leaking seal in a pump caused by misalignment can cause workers to be exposed to potentially harmful liquids. With a correctly aligned machine this will be avoided. Secondly, a properly aligned machine will vibrate less, which means reduced noise level and a safer working environment for the staff.

Align your machines to create a safer work environment.

4. Correctly aligned machines reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns

As well as reduced costs for replacement parts, reduced energy consumption and time savings there is another problem you will avoid with a correctly aligned machine: loss of production time. With measurement systems for vibration checks and alignment of the machines it is possible to minimize downtime, which of course reduces production losses. 

5. You will gain more than you first thought

Why do we think so? Well, because the Easy-Laser systems are so versatile, many users find new ways to improve their machinery using the system. Our basic alignment systems are extremely flexible, but of course, if you stretch your budget just a little you will also get more possibilities for the future. Regardless of system, the investment will quickly pay for itself thanks to all of the above reasons. Great, isn’t it?

Want to know more?

Now, we hope you have picked up on one or two points. But if you want to find out more about laser based alignment systems, do not hesitate to contact us and we will tell you all about our Easy-Laser Systems!


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