Dutch XT pioneer saves time and money with XT440

Dutch XT pioneer saves time and money with XT440

Dutch industrial maintenance company Wikkelbedrijf Antes was among the first to start working with the Easy-Laser XT440 shaft alignment system. With this next generation of Easy-Laser products the company has managed to make the alignment process easier and more efficient, saving themselves and their clients time and money.

Landgraaf based Wikkelbedrijf Antes is a Dutch industrial maintenance company that specialises in keeping machines such as electric motors, pumps and industrial gearboxes in perfect shape. In November 2016, the company started using the Easy-Laser XT440 shaft alignment system, making them among the first professional users to put the next generation of Easy-Laser products to the test. Workshop Manager Marcel Keularts identifies several clear benefits of their investment. 

– This new system is very straightforward and easy for new mechanics to learn and work with. Unlike our old system, the XT440 is completely wireless which is handy. And since it’s quick to set up and use we are now able to align machines much faster. This minimises downtime for our clients and saves them money. Also, it frees time from our mechanics, says Marcel Keularts.

Easy-Laser takes pride not only in making straightforward products, but also in being straightforward in the way the company and its partners deals with clients. Marcel Keularts especially mentions that he liked the way the XT440 system was presented and sold to him by Easy-Laser distributor SPM Instrument.

– Our contact, Rick van Lin, showed us the new XT system and didn’t push us to buy it. We got a fair price and he explained how it worked. We had the option of taking a training session, but we felt Rick’s explanation was sufficient to get us going with the XT440. Overall, we are very pleased with Easy-Laser and their representatives.

Today there are four maintenance mechanics at Wikkelbedrijf Antes that use the XT440 system. Utilising the new multi-platform technology, the company has chosen to pair the XT measuring units with iPads.

– It’s great that you can use practically whatever display unit you want with this system. Working with iPads suits us perfectly. They are fast, handy and cost less a piece than the XT11 display unit you can choose to get as part of the package, says Marcel Keularts. 

The XT platform allows you to work with the display unit of your choice.

With the XT platform, the user automatically gets a report containing all relevant measurement data when done aligning. The report is generated both as a PDF and as an Excel file. These files can then easily be shared via e-mail, saved to a USB or sent to a computer or a printer. The report function is something that Marcel Keularts and his colleagues really appreciate.
– This is an important feature for us and our clients. You get the reports straight away and they are easy to save, share and access. Should a problem occur with one of our clients’ machines after it has been aligned by us, we can then go back to the reports together with the client to check if the alignment is the same as we left it.

Marcel also grabs the opportunity to suggest future developments of the report function.

– We really like the reports. However, it would be nice if we could easily customise them directly in the system to add things like our own logo, materials used and more photos. Maybe that’s something for the next update of the XT app, he says.

Last, but not least, Marcel points out that it’s a good thing the XT products are IP66 and IP67 classed.

– Sometimes we need to align machines outdoors, so it’s worth a lot to us that the XT units are completely waterproof. We get our fair share of rain here in the Netherlands, as you might know, he concludes.

Note: Marcel and other XT users will be pleased to know in the latest update of the XT Alignment App, released just after the interview with Marcel was made, the possibility to customise reports with your company logo has been added. The update also includes other improvements such as additional user languages (now 9 in total) and the ability for the program to display a resolution of one thousandth of a millimetre.

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