Reduce your training costs

Reduce your training costs

In addition to an intuitive interface, the software included in Generation XT has another significant advantage when it comes to training staff in the new measuring system – the same program forms the basis of both entry-level and the more advanced systems.

Thanks to the same basic software, you can safely invest in Easy-Laser® XT systems with different function levels, for example, XT440 and XT660, with the knowledge that you only need to learn one system. This significantly reduces the need to send technicians on training courses for every type of system that is purchased. Also, if you want to upgrade at a later date, it is good to know that you do not have to start from scratch. Another aspect of a common user interface is that it gives confidence of use, which contributes to faster and better end results.  

The same user interface is used across all platforms.

Use time wisely

We aren't saying that training is no longer necessary, of course not. But instead of spending time trying to understand a new instrument, you can instead practice actual measurement and alignment work. This is a major advantage for your machine park! As you know, the instrument is only a tool, you are the one actually doing the work. Your experience of machine set-up and alignment, presumably using a user-friendly laser system, is what determines the end result. 

Same for all operating systems

The basic thinking behind the XT program is not just the same whether you use entry-level or more advanced systems, it is also the same whether you use a tablet from Apple (iOS) or Samsung (Android), for example. And it is the same on our own display unit XT11. You can easily switch between the different units as you wish, without any problems. This is what we call measurement independence

Test the app yourself (Easy-Laser XT Alignment)! Available to download free from App Store and Google Play. Get more information here!

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