Top 12 reasons for using laser alignment

Top 12 reasons for using laser alignment

By doing a correct machine alignment you can avoid costly breakdowns and unexpected downtime. Every business with production-oriented operations knows that already. Yet many companies are using old technology for machine alignment. Here is a list of top reasons for using laser alignment – for those of you who still hesitate!

1. Fast and accurate

Laser alignment can be ten times faster and 100 percent more accurate compared to dial gauges or straight edge methods (depending on the user’s skill). The average dial setup will not measure down to 0.001 mm – but a laser can!

2. Quick to set up, easy to use and highly reliable

A laser alignment system is quick to set up, easy to use and much more reliable than old technology. The latter often requires extensive experience and sometimes complicated calculations to be used. For example fixtures for dial gauges always drop a little, which affects the accuracy of the gauge’s displayed value. This is not the case with laser alignment.

3. Possibility to generate reports with results straight away

With a laser alignment system, it is possible to generate PDF reports directly from the instrument. The computer handles a number of targets and tolerances and it is easy to interpret the results. The possibility of documenting the results gives better control over the machines and greater assurance. Reports can be generated for “before” and “after” alignment.

4. Gives you a broader picture

A laser alignment tool allows you to easily detect possible soft foot and weak foundations, which may cause the machine to get damaged due to vibrations.

5. The speed and precision save you money

The speed of use and the precision in alignment mean that investing in a laser-based shaft alignment system usually pays for itself within 3-6 months. 

6. A disciplined and repeatable process

Laser alignment tools make the process of measurement and correction much more disciplined and repeatable. Rulers and dial gauges are not sufficiently accurate for today’s modern machines. Using laser alignment always gives the same results regardless of who takes the measurements.

7. Easy to learn and to use

You don’t have to be a specialist to get the correct result. With a wireless display unit, you can follow the machine movement with live values at the points where you adjust the machine, not just where the dial gauges are mounted.

8. Expand alignments and measurements

With the best laser alignment tools you can expand the types of alignments and measurements you can do. You will then be able to take care of the all-important steps of machine setup, for example base flatness and twist, and also measure straightness.

9. Possibility to measure with a small shaft rotation

With laser alignment it is possible to measure even with a small shaft rotation, for example only 40 degrees. This solves the problem when piping and machine parts are in the way for a greater rotation.

10. Reduced energy consumption

Laser alignment allows precise measurements that reduce your energy consumption in the long term. Poorly aligned machines require more energy to achieve the same results as a well-aligned asset. Reduced energy consumption is not only good for your electricity bill but of course also for the environment.

11. Error-free and high-resolution technology

Old technology may have too low a resolution to measure accurately enough and may be subject to reading errors or sticking dial hands. Laser alignment systems are based on high-resolution non-contact technology and free from such errors.

12. Elimination of bending of the hardware and setup mistakes

With laser alignment you eliminate errors associated with old technologies such as bar sag, substandard dial bar and mistakes when setting up the clamps.

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