How it is to work at Easy-Laser – the employees’ perspective

How it is to work at Easy-Laser – the employees’ perspective

At Easy-Laser, we believe freedom, creativity and engagement are key factors to make a workplace enjoyable. For us, our coworkers are our greatest asset. I sat down with a few colleagues to talk about their backgrounds, the measurement and alignment business and how they feel about being employees at Easy-Laser.

Four voices that represent a large part of the company’s business

Kristina Lindén, Niklas Jönsson, Anders Camenius and Sofia Fransson represent a large part of the company, including areas within technology, software development, communications and sales support. They are between 30 and 44 years old, and they have one thing in common from their backgrounds, which is their university educations. Their time spent working at Easy-Laser varies between the four. Kristina started in May 2016, and Niklas, who has been in the team for the longest time among the four, started working at Easy-Laser in 2006. Prior to Easy-Laser, they worked at different companies of various sizes, mainly within the areas they also work in today.     

How did you come in contact with Easy-Laser?“It was actually a coincidence that I applied for a job at Easy-Laser. I didn’t really know what type of company it was, so I visited the website and found it very interesting. Then, I applied for the job through the Swedish Public Employment Service”, says Sofia Fransson. Anders found out about Easy-Laser through a friend that at the time lived next door to Easy-Laser’s current Marketing Manager. “My friend sensed that Easy-Laser could be interesting for me and introduced me to the idea. So, I applied for a job, even though no specific position was announced. Luckily, it led to an employment.”        

Kristina applied for her job through a job ad. She found Easy-Laser interesting since it is a small company, but yet a global one. Niklas was introduced to the company through his former boss that had just started working at Easy-Laser. Niklas was attracted by the salary offered by Easy-Laser, combined with the possibility to work in a small and private company. For him, that means a workplace that is more easy-going and fun.   

Could you tell me about your different roles at the company?

“I will focus on the web and social media”, says Kristina. “Since I am fairly new at my job, my role could develop even more in the future, but so far, these are my main areas”. Anders has many working areas. “As a software and optics developer, I work with application programming, calculation models, data analysis, production issues, patent matters, measurement technology and optical development among other things”. Niklas role as Production Engineer involves making sure that the items Easy-Laser purchases live up to the company’s standard. “I also make sure that the dial indicators and test rigs we use in the factory are calibrated and controlled. In addition, I write and maintain manufacturing instructions, keeping them up to date.” 

As Key Account Manager, Sofia’s job involves many tasks. “I take care of all the leads, coming from trade fairs, online, distributors and so on. I register the leads in our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, send them to our distributors and then conduct follow-ups. I also participate at fairs, support our salesmen by helping them book customer visits, send quotes and so on. In addition, I am responsible for a few Key Account customers, which I assist in all types of questions.

Sofia has daily contact with customers and distributors all over the world.​

Variation, freedom and development - the most enjoyable parts of their jobs

For all four of the Easy-Laser employees, the most enjoyable parts of their jobs are the variation of tasks, the freedom, and the possibility to develop within their professions. “I have a good insight in most parts of our development, including a lot of contact with production and market,” says Anders. “For me, that is very rewarding, since I don’t want to be stuck in one special field. I enjoy seeing the big picture. Personally, I also find it very stimulating to improve and develop our measuring methods, as well as the laser technique which is the foundation in everything we do.”          

What type of knowledge is important to have when working in the measurement and alignment business?

According to Sofia, it is important to be responsive, listen to the customers and be creative. “And of course, to be interested in technology”, she says. 

Anders points out the importance of having knowledge about measurement technology and industrial machines since they are cornerstones in everything we do. “In addition, we also need to master laser technology and optics, to be able to create our products. My job also involves knowing how to develop hardware and software. That means mastering electrical engineering, mechanics, programming and a level of mathematics.

What challenges are there in the measurement and alignment business?

“Since our products fit all types of industries, you come in contact with many different companies. I would say that one of our biggest challenges is our large variety of customers, and keeping them all happy”, says Sofia. 

“We are measuring within 1-micrometer accuracy, on for example machine tools. That requires many parts to work together, such as optics, electronics and software. Therefore, accuracy is of the essence”, claim Niklas and Anders. “It is a big challenge to develop user-friendly systems, and at the same time manage and develop the foundations of measurement technology in the products”, Anders adds. 

Our software engineers work hard to create a user-friendly experience.​

Could you describe Easy-Laser as a workplace?

All four agree that there is a great atmosphere at Easy-Laser, and the best thing about working at Easy-Laser is the relationship with the colleagues. “We are a great crowd and we all encourage each other, including the managers. We have fun at work, which I believe is important. That makes the employees stay longer, and many of us have been here for a long time”, says Sofia. “The company is responsive to what the employees have to say, both when it comes to criticism and different ideas. There is also room for creativity, which I really appreciate”, she continues. “There is a pretty even distribution of ages. There are mostly men working here, but more and more women join us, which is really positive”, Kristina adds. 

“At Easy-Laser, we all know each other. We are approximately 60 people working here, which is the perfect number according to me. That enables everyone to be seen, by both colleagues and managers. There is a great team spirit, with a positive and heartfelt working environment. Laughter is a part of our everyday lives”, says Anders. 

A final quality check before the measuring units are ready for delivery.
Niklas has worked in the Production Department since 2006.​

What are the best things about working at Easy-Laser?

“We are a nice group of people and we have fun together, both at work and after hours. The company arranges social activities a few times every year with different themes, as well as health promotion activities, such as badminton tournaments”, says Niklas. “Great colleagues, exciting industry and enjoyable work”, Kristina and Sofia fill in. “A great working climate with a lot of humour”, Anders states. “There are strong collaborations and a close contact between all parts of the company, as well as exciting working tasks that lie in the forefront of our industry.”

Happy faces on the winners of the annual kubb tournament, who wouldn’t want this beautiful trophy in their office?

That sounds great. Thank you for a nice chat! You definitely gave us a broader picture of how it could be to work at Easy-Laser. I hope you enjoyed reading the article, and that you contact us if you have any questions.

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