XT290 digital precision level
18 December 2020

The XT Digital precision level – your new must-have tool!

It’s all about reliable machinery installation. About maximizing uptime. That’s why you need an easy-to-use, high accuracy digital precision level such as the new XT290.

The all-new Easy-Laser® XT290 Digital precision level brings another very important feature to the XT range of products. Having your machinery correctly levelled is essential for it to work as intended. The reason is simple; the gravitational force should affect it symmetrically. Forces on bearings and other machine parts are calculated for this.The lubrication can also be dependent on it.

Using a precision level has never been easier. The built-in super clear colour display has a wide viewing angle. You are guided with both figures and graphics, and the angle value stabilizes in seconds. All this makes for an easier adjustment procedure. But what really makes it easy is when you connect it to the XT Alignment app. Then you follow the alignment in real time at the place on the machine where you adjust it – no more going back and forth to see if you achieved levelness yet or adjusted too far. This saves a lot of time and frustration!

The app also gives you the possibility to instantly create a professional PDF measurement report with pictures and notes, and then email it to e.g. your client.

For reliable machinery installation, this is the must-have addition to your shaft alignment system and your other tools.  

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