Generation XT – Tools for precision alignment

At Easy-Laser we have always aimed at making measurement and alignment products that are smarter, more versatile and easier to work with than any others on the market. With Generation XT we offer a whole new level of freedom for alignment professionals working with precision alignment of rotating machinery.



The full range of measurement and alignment systems

Generation XT is Easy-Laser’s app-based system, comprising all measurement and alignment needs for rotating machinery—including in hazardous areas. Why spend time learning different systems, when one is enough? 

Take a look at the video to see what makes Generation XT the preferred choice for today's maintenance technicians! 👉 



No lock-ins

Generation XT is based on one app that lets you work on any display unit with any XT measuring unit. Use the app on the device of your choice, or on the Easy-Laser® XT tablet. And the app is free, so no need for license hassle!

Rugged design

The shaft alignment systems are designed for superior durability in harsh environments. Water- shock and dustproof.

Intrinsically safe

The XT550 alignment system is Ex/ATEX approved and developed for hazardous areas.


Easy, smart and free.
It’s the XT app!

The XT app from Easy-Laser is free and available for Android and iOS. Download and explore! You don’t need any connected measuring units to try out the functionality and the user-friendly interface.

See how easy it is!

Take a look at this video, which guides you step-by-step through a horizontal shaft alignment procedure using the XT alignment system. 👉

The video was produced by our Canadian partner, Benchmark PDM.

XT980 - Sawmill

The Easy-Laser® XT980 Sawmill system will help you increase efficiency and save money in your sawmill. The system measures straightness, flatness and squareness. Equally useful on band saws and circular saws.

XT950 - Bore alignment

The Easy-Laser® XT950 Bore Alignment System is used for the precise alignment of bore center lines, bearing journals, and cylindrical objects. 

XT770 - Shaft alignment

With Easy-Laser® XT770 you can perform shaft alignment of horizontal and vertically/flange mounted machines, but also align machine trains, measure twist of foundation, and more.

XT660 - Shaft alignment

With Easy-Laser® XT660 you can deal with all the important steps of machine setup and maintenance.

XT550 - Ex/ATEX Shaft alignment

Easy-Laser® XT550 is an intrinsically safe shaft alignment system, developed for use in potentially hazardous areas.

XT440 - Shaft alignment

Easy-Laser® XT440 is our most basic, app based system. Lets you perform all necessary steps of shaft alignment on horizontal and vertically/flange mounted machines. 

XT290 - Digital precision level

The Easy-Laser® XT290 digital precision level allows you to level your machines easily and reliably. Accuracy is guaranteed by the precision-ground, hardened steel base and precise electronics.

XT280 - Vibrometer

​Easy-Laser® XT280 is an easy-to-use vibration monitoring and analysis tool that allows easy display of vibration signals.

XT20/XT22 - Laser transmitters

Setting up your machinery correct is a vital part of early defect elimination. With the XT laser transmitters you satisfy the requirements for flatness and level mentioned in standards (e.g. ISO and ANSI/ASA). 

XT190 - Belt alignment

Easy-Laser® XT190 BTA allows accurate and efficient alignment of sheaves/pulleys, and is unique to the market in being able to offer digital read off.