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You know the situation. You take out the measuring system and realize that it has been a long time since you last used it, and you start to look for the user manual that used to be in the case, but is now mysteriously missing. Very irritating!

However user-friendly and simple modern software and apps might be, and regardless of how much experience you might have, like most people, there will still come a time when you want to double check something in the user manual. When you then realize that it is in a drawer somewhere else, it gets irritating. Or it was on a CD and never printed. A CD that is in that desk drawer, where you aren't…

But with our latest product family, Generation XT, these are no longer problems! The manual is part of the program. Always at hand. And what is more, it also opens at the correct section that applies to wherever you are in the measuring process. Saving time!

Always having the manual at hand means that nothing is left to chance, it is really easy to find the answer. In this way, the integrated manual also quality assures your work.  

Test the app yourself (Easy-Laser XT Alignment)! Available to download free from App Store and Google Play. Click here for more information.

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