Easy-Laser® E290 - Digital level

Wireless digital precision level​

With the Easy-Laser® E290 Digital precision level you get new possibilities for aligning your machinery. Use it as a separate tool, or add it to your laser system.

Digital levels are extremely useful tools for setting-up and aligning most types of machinery, for example, levelling machine tables, rolls, bases, etc. Other areas of use include checking straightness, flatness and parallelism.

Easy-Laser® E290 offers the possibility of documenting the work, by wirelessly connecting to your Easy-Laser alignment system. Today, documentation is a common client requirement.

E290 is the perfect addition to laser based E-Series alignment systems and is an investment that can be recouped quickly thanks to the broad areas of use.
Accuracy is guaranteed by the precision-ground, hardened steel base. Easy-to-read OLED display and a rechargeable battery make it easy to use. Two mounting holes allow for your own adaptations and fixtures.

Connect to a separate display unit

Using a separate display unit (accessory) makes it all even easier, as you can read off and follow the adjustment at the precise point on the machine where the adjustment is made. The measurement values can be documented and transferred to PC, for further completion of a measurement report.

Digital and graphical read-out on Easy-Laser® display unit and iPhone/iPod touch.

Measurement programs

Precision level app

The Precision Level app is used together with the E290 Digital Precision Level. With this app your phone becomes a handy display unit which you can read off at the precise point where you adjust the machine. Climbing up and down on the machine several times to check the precision level value can now be reduced significantly. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Precision level display

The E290 precision level has a clear OLED display with large figures and graphical indication of the angle direction. The value can be zeroed and halved.


The Level program for display unit E51* is used together with the E290 Digital Precision Level. A digital level is perfect for installation, setting up and maintenance of precision machines, leveling of machine tables, rolls, etc – basically anything you can think of!
*E51 is included with the E710 and E9xx systems.

E290 Digital precision level

For installation, setting up and maintenance of precision machines, leveling of machine tables, rolls, etc – basically anything you can think of! Built-in rechargeable battery. OLED display with digital and graphical representation of angles. Connects wirelessly to display unit E51 for more functionality. Resolution 0.01 mm/m (0.001°). Measurement range ± 2 mm/m. 

  1. OLED Display
  2. Mounting holes (x2)
  1. Precision prismatic base of hardened steel 

A complete system contains

  • 1 E290 Digital precision level
  • 1 Manual on USB stick
  • 1 Charger (100-240 V AC) with Cable
  • 1 Transportation case

Digital precision level

Part No.
0.01 mm/m (0.001°)
± 2 mm/m
Measurement accuracy
±0.02 mm/m within range ±1 mm/m.
±0.04 mm/m within range ±2 mm/m.
Type of display
BT wireless technology
Environmental protection
IP Class 67
Operating temperature
-10–50 °C
Internal battery
Li Ion
Anodized aluminium, ABS plastics
WxHxD: 149x40x35 mm [5.9x1.6x1.4”]
530 g [18.7oz]


E290 Manual


Product Catalogue rev. 21
Product Overview
E290 brochure

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