15 January 2015

7 laser transmitters for different measurement needs

Our development department continuously strives to simplify our customer’s work through innovative and clever solutions. It’s the collaboration between laser transmitter, detector and software that is the key to a quick and easy measurement. In this article I will guide you through our different laser transmitters and their various features.

A perfect starting point for precision measurement

When comparing laser measurement systems to traditional methods you will soon find that work is carried out much more accurately with laser. The transmitter’s laser beam can be compared to an absolutely straight and weightless ruler, that is to say a perfect starting point for precision measurement.

Measuring flatness, straightness, squareness, parallelism with a swivelling laser head

This laser transmitter is our well known big seller. Easy-Laser® D22 Swivel can be used to measure flatnessstraightnesssquareness and parallelism. The laser beam can sweep 360° with a measurement distance of up to 40 metres in radius. The swivelling laser head gives a laser plane parallel to the measured object and can also angle the laser beam 90° to the sweep for squareness measurement. It comes with levelling table and strong magnetic feet. The D22 is very versatile, and this is one reason for its popularity among aligners! Please open this PDF for more application examples.

A constantly rotating laser beam

D23 Spin has a motor driven, rotating head that gives a 360° laser plane. The laser beam from the transmitter rotates constantly and creates a reference plane over the entire measurement object. Measurements are performed quicker as you do not have to align the beam for each new measurement position.

You place the detector at the desired measurement points and register the reading by a push of a button. In principle, one person can perform the measurement themselves. The laser transmitter comes with a tilt table and measures distances up to 20 metres in radius.


Measuring spindle direction and straightness (1)

D146 Spindle is a laser transmitter for measuring spindle direction and straightness. It can be used in a rotating spindle (max. 2000 rpm). The laser transmitter measures distances up to 20 metres. It comes with a mounting pin of Ø20 mm. Also, an extra mounting pin can be fitted at the laser aperture side, making it possible to align, for example, bar feeders.



Measuring spindle direction and straightness (2)

The D75 laser transmitter is also used for measuring spindle direction and straightness. This one has got M6 threads on ends and sides, which offer alternative mounting options. The laser transmitter has a measurement distance of up to 40 metres. It comes with tilting screws for laser beam adjustment. Brackets available for many purposes (not pictured).



Get it straight in turbine applications

D25 measures straightness primarily in turbine applications. The laser transmitters’ rigid design assures highest measurement accuracy. The transmitter can be used e.g. when an axial surface of the turbine is reference.  The detector is placed on three points and the beam is adjusted to the axial reference plane determined by these. The laser transmitter has a measurement distance of up to 40 metres. The laser beam can sweep 360°, and can be angled 90° to the sweep, within 0.01 mm/m.

The laser transmitter comes with a battery adaptor, and you can choose if you want an offset hub included or not. Fine adjustment of the laser beam in horizontal and vertical direction is made very easy with the hub. It can be mounted with adjustable arms with magnets to fit different diameters, if needed. Brackets available for many purposes (not pictured).


Measuring straightness with high precision at 200 metres

Easy-Laser® E30 Long Range pushes the limits for the industry regarding what is measurable and what can be documented. The laser transmitter combines recognised technology with innovative solutions, making it possible to take high-resolution straightness measurements at a very long range, up to 200 metres. This gives the industry completely new opportunities to align their machines and installations. It is usually difficult to get a sufficiently qualitative laser point that can be detected with precision at long range.

With E30 an integrated vibration sensor also gives a warning if the transmitter is affected by shock or vibration (as always, the actual measurement environment plays a role in the result). E30 can be used with both existing detectors in the current product range and several others on the market. M6 threads on front and bottom offer alternative mounting options. The laser transmitter comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and an Oled display, and you can chose if you want a tilt table included or not. The tilt table can be used with magnets or mounted on a tripod.


Laser transmitter for sheave and pulley alignment

The laser transmitter is mounted on one of the sheaves, and the detector on the other. The transmitter generates a laser plane parallel to the reference sheave. The detector reads the position in relation to the laser plane and provides a live digital display of both offset and angular value. This makes the alignment of the adjustable machine very simple. The accuracy of the digital readout also means that you can align within prescribed tolerances and rely on the result.


I hope you now have a better picture of our different laser transmitters! Maybe you found one that responds to your specific measurement needs? Perhaps you’re already using one of our Easy-Laser® measurement and alignment systems? Or, worst case, you did not find what you were looking for? Either way – feel free to contact us

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