04 April 2014

Measure straightness with precision at 200 metres

Easy-Laser® E30 Long Range pushes the limits for the industry regarding what is measurable and what can be documented. Read more
01 March 2014

Laser alignment justification

It has been proposed that laser alignment equipment should be purchased. It would be used on the connecting shafts between all motors and pumps, mixers, fans, compressors etc on site to ensure they are correctly aligned. Read more
27 February 2014

Large savings for sheave/pulley driven machines

Stora Enso in Sweden has focused on developing a program for preventative maintenance since 2003. Their previous maintenance manager took the first step towards large savings for all sheave/pulleys. Read more
20 February 2014

Proper alignment will reduce your carbon footprint!

In many companies, the maintenance departments are still considered to be a necessary expense instead of a profit center. This perception is starting to change, as improved maintenance procedures demonstrate cost savings that go directly to the company’s bottom line by reducing the energy costs and improving reliability. Read more

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