Correct alignment increases your productivity

Injection molding, extrusion, film blowing, blow molding – the plastics industry uses many different machines with specific alignment needs. Easy-Laser has solutions for them all. Correct alignment prevents quality defects and increases productivity.

Align extrusion machines

The extruder pipe can be checked for straightness using the Easy-Laser® E930 Extruder system. The system consists of display unit, laser transmitter, detector and tube brackets adapted for the machine to be measured. This means that the adapters are made to the correct diameter (order specified).

The detector slides into the pipe and the measurement values are taken in the desired positions. The result shows the straightness curve as well as the roundness if so desired. The adapters are designed differently depending on whether it is a single or double barrel extruder. Alignment of pipes to gearbox is another application of our measurement systems. The advantages of correct alignment include:

  • Extending the life of screws.
  • Extending the time between planned services.
  • Reducing the amount of incorrectly produced products, i.e. total amount of granules used.
  • Increasing available machine time.
  • Increase the production speed of certain processes.

Film blowing

These types of machines often have a number of rolls that need aligning in parallel and for levelness. This is done using the E970 Parallelism system. An aligned machine allows for more consistent quality and risks less unplanned downtime.

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Injection molding machines

Here, it may be necessary to check the parallelism between the tool halves, and the alignment of their locking movement.