The checking of squareness is carried out in a large number of applications, such as machine tools, co-ordinate measurement machines and mechanical constructions.

Measuring squareness

When measuring squareness, first record two measurement values on a single object to create a reference for the angle. Then use the built-in prism in laser transmitter D22, which deflects the laser beam 90°, and record two new measurement values on the second object. The measurement values are converted into an angular value, showing any deviation from 90° in the second object.

Index when high level
of accuracy is required

When a very high level of accuracy is required when measuring squareness, where we want to exceed the accuracy of the laser transmitter (D22 according to technical specification 0.01 mm/m), we use a method where the laser transmitter is indexed 180°. The method is suitable for the measurement of squareness in relation to two points on a reference plane, or for measuring plumb where we use the vials on the transmitter as reference.


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