Compare geo measurement systems

Straightness L
Flatness L L L/B
Squareness L L 0
Parallelism A L/T/A L/T/A L/T/A 0 T/A
Parallelism B R R L/R L/R L/R R L/R R
Centre-of-circle, Straightness 2-point (Linebore) 0 0
Half circle, Straightness 3-point (Linebore) 0 0 B
Straightness 4-point (Linebore) 0 0 B
Straightness, Multipoint (Linebore) 0 0 B
Ovality/roundness (Linebore) 0 0 B
Offset and angle M M M M M M
Spindle direction L M M M M M
Flange flatness 0 0 0
Flange parallelism L/T/A T/A 0 0 0 T/A T/A
Twist measurement M M M M M M
SHAFT ALIGNMENT PROGRAMS E980 E970 E960 E950 E930 E920 E915 E910
Horizontal machines M M M M M M
Vertical/flange mounted machines M M M M M M
Cardan/offset mounted machines M** M** M** M** M** M**
Machine train (unlimited) M M M M M M
Machine train (3 machines) M M M M M M
OTHER MEASUREMENT PROGRAMS E980 E970 E960 E950 E930 E920 E915 E910
Values* (Dynamic recording/Trend)
Level (displayed in Values program) C C C C C
Belt transmission alignment E E E E E E

*=program Values is a digital dial indicator, with which you can perform many measurement and alignment jobs.
**=accessory cardan bracket kit needed

● = Standard functionality
0=not recommended upgrade
L=possible when adding Laser transmitter D22
T=possible when adding Tripods
A=possible when adding Angular prism
M=possible when adding Shaft alignment measuring units (and shaft brackets). Please note that these have been discontinued, but you can use existing units.
E=possible when adding BTA units
D=possible when adding suitable Detector unit
B=possible when adding suitable Bracket
C=possible when adding Digital level unit E290
R=possible when adding Roll alignment kit

Note! This is a simplified overview. Always consult your local distributor if upgrading your system, because additional brackets not mentioned here might be needed. Another reason is there can exist brackets that are better suited for the specific measurement application than those included as standard.